Beat Up

Always celebrating!


Yea, feeling beat up after a hard day at the office yesterday.  It was my seventh round of the hard stuff chemo treatment.  We were shooting for eight but my body rebelled with an allergic reaction.  So, they shut the treatment down and we worked on calming my body down.  It is all a challenge.  So, it is time to regroup with a scan and a new approach.

Balancing all that is the incredible support that I have in the thoughts and prayers of people that I know and some that I’ve never met.  Ultimately this makes everything right.  Ultimately we are in this flow of pilgrims that will take us home.  Just like in Spain in the afternoon after a hot day of walking and our group was mostly brain dead someone would be capable of herding the rest of into shelter.  We are all headed to shelter whether we can see it from here or not.

I just was thinking about Puerto Rico and was on the computer so I Googled one of my old Marine Corp buddies.  Found out that wild child turned out to be a career police officer for the city of Chicago.  Who would have thought?  He passed away at 62 in 2010 according to the obit.

Ok, off to my walk this AM.  Looks pretty nice out and according to the weatherman one of our last days of summer.   Good, let’s get out there and enjoy it, uberperfect, love, Felipe.

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    1. Gracias Ann. It was great to meet you and Ron. Glad that you are reading along with us. Felipe.x

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