Barometer Low

There is My Rebecca waving by the weeping willow tree in it's pretty yellow fall color.
There is My Rebecca waving by the weeping willow tree in it’s pretty yellow fall color.

It’s been raining for three days straight. We were praying for this precious stuff back in August and September. They call this weather pattern the Pineapple Express around here. Moist warm air coming from the South Pacific and bringing us this rain also known as Liquid Sunshine.

OK, another coffee, quick shower, pick up Catherine and off to our precious Mass. Back to precious you soon. Here I am and guess what? It has stopped raining as the barometer rises. I am going to run outside and take a pic of the weeping willow tree next to our house for you. It has it’s fall colors.

Sorry that I didn’t have a post yesterday. Was dazed and confused by too many chemicals. But today feeling half way. So, have to rally and get ready for my trip which starts Tuesday morning. Have some maintenance on my truck to do and pack gear appropriate to the upcoming weather. So, the blog will be down for four days this coming week. Will be back up on Saturday.

Maybe I will come up with some new ideas and fresh material for you. Maybe new ways to look at old stuff. Maybe old ways to look at new stuff.

I really need to get out to the middle of nowhere and find the time and space to think of and pray for the people of Paris. And the harder part to figure out how to pray for the people that think attacks like this are a good thing. Yea, that’s the way it is, love, Felipe.