Already the Afternoon

The view from my writing location.
(photo P Volker)

One of those days with details and details and more details. My usual time to do the post is between 8 and 9 AM but here we are with the sun high overhead. Well, it is just a minor complaint really.

It is another good day for corn growing. I haven’t peeked at it today yet. I am trying to keep up with the watering which becomes the most important concern as we move into mid summer.

The climate here is sometimes termed Mediterranean which means that at a certain point in July rainfall starts to become scarce. There are probably other aspects of this particular climate type but this one impacts me the most. So, this is what is in the making right now.

Speaking of Mediterranean climate I do know of a friend that has put in a small olive grove of maybe thirty trees. There is an experiment. I guess farming in general is an experiment some would say a gamble. I guess this is what we do, try stuff?

We have a walk later today if you want to stop by.

high summer walking loves, Felipé.

5 thoughts on “Already the Afternoon”

  1. Why do you live so far away? 🙁
    I want to stop by and walk with you…
    And have a chat with Rebecca sitting in that table…

    Love is Patient, Love,

    1. Cris ~ yes, I know what you mean. And yes, we want to hear all your good news. And My Rebecca is starved for chat time too. Love the way that you said “in the table” as we would most always say “at the table”. But your are totally right because you/we have to sit IN the tapas table. It sort of grabs you! OK, I am planning on hanging in this life til Veranda 2021 so maybe we will all be vaccinated by then and can finally get together. See you Friday. Felipé.x

      1. I love your idea about hanging out in this life, but I think you are wrong about the timing… I will be until Veranda 2031 at least!!!!!

        See you tomorrow!
        More patient love,

  2. Hey Buddy
    I want to plant olives too. Who has them and what cultivar and etc etc? Can you email
    Me abt that? Olives are amazing, with amazing history and even intrigue that continues to this day. They, too are a metaphor to consider ‘

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