Almost October


Here we are the last weekend of September and did we get every summer activity in this year?  NO!  I know it is the old story.  There never seems to be enough time, that is my big complaint in life.   Well, I guess that beats being bored all the time.

Anyway finally got some sleep after my outbreak of side effects.  A little bit of a roller coaster this time around.  Looking forward to two weeks of smoother sailing.  Have company coming and need to make the most of that.

Have to run to my Bible Guys class now but will be back.  We will be working on the 23rd Psalm today, a classic.  Be back.  OK, here I am almost noontime.

The 23rd Psalm is about the sheep and the shepard.  Mankind, us, being the sheep and Christ being the shepard.  It is very well known and easy to find so I won’t go into it.  But the most interesting part of the lesson was a reading that our leader did of a written piece on just how “dumb” sheep can be.  They cannot exist on their own because of all the trouble that they can get into and not get out of without help.  They just need the shepard.

And at some point in this process we were struck by how “dumb” humans can be.  Not that we are like sheep exactly but that we have our own set of ways to get into trouble, our own pitfalls.   Addiction comes to mind just for starters and there are plenty of others.  But the point being that we all need guidance.

Love you, miss you, Felipe.

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  1. Hola, Amigo Felipe!

    I’m sure with you on that “no time” thing! I keep thinking a guy my age should be forced to actually be LOOKING FOR THINGS TO DO! Au Contrare!! Each day has more “on the schedule” than I know is going to happen. Harvest is looming around the corner, and yet all sorts of “have to get this done’ things keep popping up. A biggie is getting my Mom’s belongings from her house all organized and cleaned up and readied for auction next weekend. My wonderful sisters have been carrying the brunt of the load to date, and I’ve got to get in there and do my share. The fact that it’s a 100 mile trip one way adds to the “time eating” thing.

    I communicate almost daily with a fellow CEW (Christian Experience Weekend) veteran who is also locking horns with the cancer beast. He daily compares it to “riding the bull” and is going through a lot of the things you are now with the side effects of the treatments. His attitude is good, but it’s evident this rodeo is a tough one for him. I think of you both whenever I slip into the “poor me-too busy” cesspool. You guys are the squad leaders charging the hill all the time. I admire you and pray for you.


    1. PFJ ~ honored to be one of your squad leaders buddy. Yea, LOOKING FOR THINGS TO DO, can you imagine. Who does that? And good luck with harvest. At least you don’t have the wind damage,that you had last year, God willing. Thanks for praying for me, PFF

  2. We have a sign hanging on our wall: There is Always, Always, Always something to be Thankful For. So true.

  3. Hi Phil
    Just want to say what a blessing you are to so many! I love reading your blog and continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers! You keep us all focused on what is really important in our daily lives. We are all pilgrims among pilgrims.
    I wanted to share about a very dear friend that is currently walking the Camino in Spain. She left on September 20, & will be gone till November 2. Her name is Betsy. She is one of the most inspiring and courageous women I know. We taught together at the same elementary school. When we first met, she was celebrating being a breast cancer survivor. Her favorite color is purple & she decorated her clsssroom with that color (even sometimes colored her hair) as a bold proclamation of her fight! She walked the 60 mile Avon Breast Cancer walk from Santa Barbara to LA, she still surfs, recently hiked the Grand Canyon, and it is clear that she lives life to the fullest, having stared down death! Her daughter struggled with high school foreign language classes and took sign language as an alternative. As a show of support, Betsy took classes with her daughter & went on to get another degree in sign language & transferred out of elementary school to teach high school sign language classes. In the past few years, Betsy has had many set-backs. Her husband left her for a younger woman, & her breast cancer returned after 7 years. She fought back in her “usual sometimes irreverent style”! At a Christmas party with a group of teachers, she proudly wore a t-shirt that proclaimed: “Yes these are fake, my real ones tried to kill me!” But her biggest battle was still yet to come. She retired a year ago, and had just visited her son last October who was a Maritme sailor. She was so proud of him & posted a picture of the visit with her 2 sons on Facebook. Three days later, Jack was killed riding his bike home from dinner. He was struck by a speeding car & killed instantly. It was incomprehensible to see her very next Facebook post with a picture of Betsy & Jack holding their surfboards & Betsy writing: Do not Rest In Peace my son, ride the Big One”. She celebrated Jack’s life with a “paddle-out” in Laguna Beach. I last saw Betsy at Christmas and she mentioned that a friend had been talking about walking the Camino in Spain. Though I have not walked the Camino, I shared my story of surrendering my son’s alcoholism & ultimate homelessness, meeting Annie & you through our Curch’s Camino in Lake Forest & how life changing it has been for me! Betsy wrote right before she left for Spain that “apparently God wanted her to walk in Spain alone” because her friend that was supposed to go, lost her home in the Florida hurricane! I KNEW that she would never be alone & praying that she would feel that amazing awareness on her Camino. She just posted: “the cat is out of the bag; I am spreading Jack’s ashes”. This brought tears to my eyes & goosebumps; reminiscent of Martin Sheen in “The Way”. I just had to write & ask for your prayers & perhaps you would like to mention her on your blog. Buen Camino Betsy!
    Sincerely, Maureen Renden
    (a fellow pilgrim from Santiago De Compostela Parish in Lake Forest)

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