A Special Day With Special People

At Wiley and Henna’s wedding here in August.

Forty years ago today My Rebecca and I got married. Yea. And we had the privilege of raising two great children and we are happy about our two wonderful grand kids. We have wrapped a lot of Christmas presents and hidden a lot of Easter eggs in those years. Time has seemed to have slipped by pretty easily. We are off to Seattle later today to celebrate with Wiley and Henna.

At church, Father Fred was with today. He is the cousin of our regular priest Father David. Their styles are so different, it is fun to have them both. So, the homily was about how we are all the body of Christ, us all the individuals who believe in Him. We make him present in the world. We are His hands and feet.

And Father went on to talk about the idea that we talk about how we are supposed to buoy each other up in this world. Well those are my words, to buoy up. But he took it further to say that we are God’s gift to each other. We are supposed to bring out he best in each other, our gift and our job. Nice Father Fred keep talking!

Well, I have a few hours to work on the corn before our celebratory trip to the big city. Rototilling today to get ready to plant the red clover cover crop. Oh yea, no walk this afternoon, sorry, next one tomorrow at 0900.

Anniversary gratitude loves, Felipe.

10 thoughts on “A Special Day With Special People”

    1. Hi Carol ~ Thanks. We spoke of you yesterday as Wiley and Henna “handled” us around Seattle. Felipe.x

  1. Congratulations!!!
    You two are wonderful individuals and wonderful couple! Thank You for bringing your gift to us all, and to the world!

    Will write more tomorrow!
    Love Love,

    1. Thank you Cris! It was fun partying yesterday with Wiley and Henna. I would recommend the Beef and Mushroom Lasagna with the House Rosé. Hehe, alperfect. I was thinking of you earlier yesterday because I was working on the corn field getting ready to plant the cover crop for the year. It is a little earlier this year than last when you were here I think. Later, Bodacious loves, Felipe.

      1. I thought the same! I should have gone to make a tradition of planting the cover crop… oh well, next year!!!

        Much love

        1. Cris ~ I like the way you think. Have appointment with Nugget my oncologist tomorrow. Will tell him that you will make it next year for the planting and I have to be there. Hehe. Felipe.x

  2. Happy Anniversery, Rebeca and Phil! And many thanks to both of you for ‘bouying up’ others who have the fortune to share your path on life’s journey. You are a blessing to so many, even the ones you don’t know who have been lifted up by your story – Annie’s Version on the screen or our version in words told to a new friend or old along with a cup of coffee.
    Please be in prayer for a center-post of our local church, Donna, who is in her last days of a short journey with cancer.

    1. Ron ~ thank you for the well wishes. It is a wonderful journey these days with friends near and far. Will pray for Donna this morning. Will put a rock on the Camino pile for her. Good to hear from you and hello to Ann. Felipe.

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