A Bloggy Morning

Ryck’s bonfire is comforting.
(photo R Thompson)

Oh, the rains have hit the area. It is pitter pattering on the sky lights overhead. The return of good blogging weather! Less distractions in the smaller more compact world of falling water.

Here on the blog we had that special message for us yesterday from Richard Rohr. That was a life preserver thrown to us that are floundering in these stressful times. We love you Richard, thank you!

It is our Wedding Anniversary today! Yea, forty three years ago we had an outdoor wedding in the rain. What else? Oh, forty two years as I double check. My Rebecca is right on top of the math. We are going out to dinner this evening if we can find anything open with indoor dining. And we will have cards for each other and maybe some little gifts. No shiny BMW’s with big bows on their roofs (rooves?) this year.

Well, I have serious homework to do today. A rainy day is a good day for it. Catalina has we reading all the way through the manuscript for the blog book. All the years I am crossing. Starting with 2014 and then 15, 16 and 17. I am in September 2018 at the moment. A year to go as the book is to end with last year’s Veranda. I did have fun in 18 reading my thoughts on my pilgrimage to Lourdes. In some ways it was a long time ago and I forgot my exact words so I get to relive it like any reader.

OK, time to go. Hang in there in the midst of everything going on.

keeping sane loves, Felipé.

2 thoughts on “A Bloggy Morning”

  1. Happy anniversary to you and Rebecca!!!
    Who needs a BMW this year when we are sheltering at home??? A chocolate cake would be a better gift!!!

    I love both of you!

    1. Cris ~ thank you Cris. I am so grateful that My Rebecca has put up with me all these years. Here is one for you, on the news the other day they had a couple celebrating their 85th anniversary! Wow, we are not even half way. Felipé.x

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