Amazing Phenomena

Sent along by Ronaldo from Astorga and I will use it again.

I loved Ronaldo’s post yesterday about the amazing skies overhead when he returned home from the Camino. I remember Annie writing something similar on her reentry yers ago. She was checking on the news and the papers looking for the explanation of the exceptional atmospheric show. Then finally she realized that it was her that had changed and not the clouds, that was the explanation.

Ronaldo and Annie were looking at the familiar and seeing a whole new and expanded version. We recognize that, we know that “lifting of the veil” exists for all of us if we are just ready. It is reminding me of our situation here right now in Advent. We await but for what? What if we could see the old tired Christmas story for what it really is behind all the veils. How to slow down and really appreciate the way we once learned?How to be present to the amazing humble richness of it? How to understand that we are the lucky winners in life’s big lottery because of this event?

Speaking of spiritual things, I have spiritual direction with Jessika this morning at 10. So happy that this is happening for me now again. It is deeply appreciated.

OK, off to the day. Off to Vashon town to shop early. I predict that everyone will be pumped after last evening’s win for the Seahawks on Monday Night Football.

Go Hawks loves, Felipé.

Doubling Down On The Christmas Story

This was August. Now one of these rows is just about used up.

Off and rolling yesterday with the first Sunday in Advent and Father David has me all pumped. Here we are to celebrate the incredible story that we contemplate in the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary. It is so easy to do the Joyful Mysteries they are peaceful and powerful and just easy.

The First Mystery is the Annunciation where the angel comes to Mary. A “be not afraid” moment. God asks Mary to travel on this journey of joy, heartbreak and redemption and Mary says yes.

Then the Second Mystery with Mary visiting Elizabeth and both are pregnant with giant historical figures. John the Baptist and Jesus recognize each other in the womb of their mothers.

The Third Mystery is the Nativity which we are perhaps the most familiar with. The birth of God in human form in such humble circumstances. But we are all happy with that.

The Fourth is the Presentation where the good parents bring the eight day old Jesus to the Temple following the Law. This is perhaps the least understood of these events but it happened and was important to the overall story. There Jesus is recognized for the first time as the long awaited Savior.

And lastly the Fifth and the story of Jesus as a child lingering in the Temple to talk with the priests and the holy men there. It is the beginning of his independence and a foreshadowing of his public life.

Those are the five Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary. They are said all year long and are a review of the precious Christmas story that we celebrate only once a year. Maybe I will have time to say the Rosary today and do the Joyful Mysteries.

that time of year loves, Felipé.

Thoughts From Astorga 11/1/19

Sent along by Ronaldo from Astorga.

Hasn’t the sky been fantastic for the last couple of years?

Clouds dancing around and displaying dynamic range and shapes that engage the imagination. What has caused this change in the sky? Could it be climate change? Or is it some secret research project adding secret ingredients to the atmosphere?

I could blame retirement. I could credit the Camino experience. I could continue to believe that the sky has changed.

I’d like to suggest that it is simply that I have been keeping my eyes up and gazing more purposefully at the sky. I have been in the moment – mindful of the light of the sun reflecting off of and filtering through those collections of water vapor, encouraged by the invisible winds.

What caused me to be more mindful? What caused me to appreciate the clouds above my spot on earth?

I think that the sky has always been this magnificent, I have just increase my awareness.

Whatever it is, I can also apply it to other aspects of life. Keeping one’s eyes up and gazing into the eyes of others, for example. Appreciating the fact that others carry loads that would be impossible for us, or lack the ability to do something that is easy for us. Seeing and appreciating the dynamics of other’s lives, even when it makes us less comfortable, practicing our ability to engage them by being with them, or supplying something they need at that moment. How many times does that happen on one’s walk along the Camino? How often do those moments come back to our memories as either a receiver or provider of that tiny blessing?

I want to encourage you to gaze more at the sky and the rest of creation to see more of the blessings that are out there for each of us. Receive and provide gratefully. I am thankful for the words that come to us from Phil and the other guest writers each day and I try to discover opportunities to share the fruit of the messages with others along my path. Please share with us in the comments if you are noticing the ‘sky’ appearing different and blessing your journey.

With overhead love,