1 Quid


From Rancho Cuervo to you.
From Rancho Cuervo to you.



OK, so a quid is the same as a pound sterling.  Like in the States when we call a dollar a buck.  That came from the early days of America when a tanned deer skin was a medium of exchange.  So a quantity of tobacco might cost one buck.

Just got done with Skype call with Gracie in London.  What a breath of fresh air she is.  So she filled me in on the quid thing being the same as a pound which also is the word for one chew of tobacco, according to the dictionary.  Hmm.  Also in Austraila  they have the Austrailian dollar which has a pic of a kangaroo on it.  Do they call it a Roo?  Anyway, she is getting set up there getting her infastructure together to start her art history studies.

I am really excited about this Friday’s TGIF.  Sherif has sent in a fantastic post.  He has great insights and a great story.  So we have that to look forward to.

OK!  Had small birthday party for our son Wiley last night.   it was the “Perfect Storm” with his gal Ginger and friends Josh, Jake, John Lars and Dominic.  What a crew!  He has turned twenty six and will be much smarter and wiser now.  Love you man.

I was just reading up on some of the blog posts from September which are really awesome,  if I do say so myself.  So maybe if you haven’t been around for a while go back and start at the beginning of the September archive and read forward.

Well, have to get my day started.  Let’s strive to keep the love alive!  Yours, Felipe.


Walking schedule here at Rancho Cuervo:

Friday 0900-1000

Sunday 1000-1100

Monday 0900-1000


2 thoughts on “1 Quid”

  1. I am so looking forward to seeing you. Love reading your blog on my phone here poolside in Henderson, Nevada. They are playing oldies music nostalgia in the air, Righteous Brothers. Feeling 16 looking at my 63 yo feet. Thankful for every day now, no days to waste like when I was younger. This is a gorgeous place to retire as my friend Hester has done. We’ve been driving around seeing marvelous grand geological formations. Soaking up sun to get thru our Vashon winter. Are you coming up to PS? I will be home this Sunday. Love, Sig

    1. Sit – I am thankful for you. Call me when you get back so we can take a walk. Love, Phil.

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