Leaving The Little Corns Behind

Lyndsey’s pack

Off to the airport and Orlando tomorrow. It will be another world. Here we are going to weed and water the little corns so they will be happy while I am gone. They are two to four inches tall now, getting on up for the Fourth of July Knee High Test.

Things are shaping up for the Veranda. It is starting to take on a life of it own which I was hoping for. Getting this many fantastic people together in one place will be enough to start something good happening. The rest is just details.

I am lost for words today maybe because half of me is on the plane already. So, I will let you go early. I am sure that you have plenty to do there where you are.

Thanks for coming and adding to the Caminoheads’ Neighborhood.
Thursday loves, Felipé.


Lately, every time I see this word I have to laugh. When our son was young I asked him before dinner, “Have you washed your hands lately?”. And he fired back, “Don’t call me Lately!”. OK, OK.

I am trying to button up my personal projects here in the next few days so that I can fly of to Orlando this weekend and do my gig there. We are showing the Phil’s Camino documentary to the American College of Sports Medicine at their yearly convention. This is both exciting and challenging for me personally. Break a leg Felipé!

Steve-O our Caminoheads NorthWest Bureau Chief is here now checking in with us. It is always fun and profitable to see him. He is relocating from Ashland OR to Portland OR so we will see more of him in the future as that is way closer.

CAMINOHEADS VERANDA NEWS (AUGUST 23-26th get together) I just heard for Rho CSWBC that the email [email protected] has been down for a few days but it is up and running again for RSVPing for the Caminoheads Veranda. We have gathered 30 people coming and we should collect another 20 easy. I am guessing and hoping for fifty. I need to get Seattle area folk informed and headed this way.

Off I go for now, Veranda love, Felipé.

Doesn’t Summer Start After Memorial Day?

Time to smell the roses!

Hi, I am weeding and mowing, it feels like summer. We are eating out on the Veranda most evenings. Walkers in shorts come by. This is it!

Time to get some hotdogs for the grill. Yea, what happened to them anyway, kind of out of vogue right now. Shopping day today, I am off to town in a minute and I’ll see what I can find at the IGA.

Also, something coming up in July concerning Caminoheads that I just saw. And that is, of course this is in the God willing catagory, sometime in July we will have written two thousand blog posts. That is pretty amazing and I am thankful for the longevity to have gotten this far, and this far in style! And thank you to my readers for th comments and inspiration over that time.

I really have to go for now, lots of moving parts to my day. Good to be with you though. Summer loves, Felipé.

Smaller Than A Dime

I just noticed this morning that I am missing a little something. Five years ago after loosing two little Virgin Mary medals on the Camino I found a tiny silver shell in a crack in the sidewalk. It was some little town, big enough to have a pharmacy type town, and I was with Maryka in the last 100 kilometers somewhere. Doesn’t matter, a crack is a crack. But I have been wearing it on a chain around my neck along with a silver cross that was my Mother’s.

Well, it is somewhere right? Somewhere safe for the next person to find is the right way or a good way to look at it I suppose. A certain amount of randomness is refreshing and welcome.

We saw the Sam Cooke documentary film last evening on Netflix. My Rebecca heard about it from a friend. That was a good one to catch up on some important history.

Memorial Day today. The local vets are putting on a ceremony at the Vashon Cemetery. I ran or helped with that for something like twelve years when I was serving in various offices in the American Legion Post. I had to quit that when my cancer hobby got so time and energy consuming. But we remember those on whose shoulders we stand.

OK, have a walk in a few minutes. The day is supposed to be beautiful and maybe eighty degrees. Holiday loves, Felipé.

Another Documentary Film

All Gospel

Last evening My Rebecca, a friend Marie and I braved it into downtown Vashon to the movie theater to take in Amazing Grace about Aretha Franklin. Wow, I haven’t wept in a theater like that since seeing the Camino Documentary back in 2014. My Rebecca said there was too much closeup sweating for her. There was a lot of that too.

This footage was taken in 1972 of Aretha signing Gospel and never was completed as envisioned due to technical difficulties. So, it came out in this form and in what year I don’t know but fairly current. A very young Mick Jaeger is in the audience in this Baptist Church building for instance.

This is such an important document of our times. It sort of explains a lot in it’s own way. We are so used to her in her more pop role but this is really where she came from and what she wanted to keep in touch with.

She was backed up by the South California Gospel Singers lead by Alexander Hamilton. Also A Reverend Cleveland sang with her and that was his church where the filming took place. Aretha ‘s father spoke, the Reverend Franklin and he was one sharp looking dude. I have the feeling that some of these folks probably have had something to do with Annie’s Agape Choir there in LA these days.

Anyway, all very moving. And those folks had that place humming. I was waiting for that building to collapse, it was stressed during that performance for sure. Too much rhythm goin on.

Well, that was our big night out. Today I am off to the shop in a minute to work on my cabinet job for St. John Vianney’s Church. Then there is weeding for the corn also. Walking later at 1600 or 4PM. It is supposed to be warming up. Maybe do some sweating of our own.

Will be in Orlando this coming weekend at the annual convention of the American College of Sports Medicine showing Phil’s Camino. Will be back for the walk next Sunday, just a quickie.

Good deal loves, Felipe.

More On The Veranda

Each day a celebration! I’m seeing double.

Well, after playing with so many possible names for the August get together I have settled on The Veranda. Yea, The Caminoheads’ Veranda. It will grow on you, I guarantee.

Maybe this came partially from a naming trend that has been happening here on the Island. We have a informal music venue that has been happening for a while called “The Coop”. And then recently another popped up called “The Greenhouse”. Also small, friendly and informal. So we are right in that zone.

We had a few oysters for dinner last night. Haven’t had any in a long time, exotic little units. Maybe we could round some up for the Veranda this summer. We barbecued them on the grill and put them in butter and cocktail sauce. Then eat on a Saltine. No fuss, no muss.

I am terribly excited about the Radical Remission film that I have just heard about. I see that Ronaldo CABC has put
up my blog post about it on FB. And I did get to send a email to Sister Rose Pacatte, a film critic, about it too. You may hear more about this, yes hopefully.

Maybe oysters on the Veranda. We covered that already Felipé. Ah yes, just trying to work in the word Veranda as often as possible here today.

Off to work, love Felipé.

New News

A pic that William took on one of his treks, The world is seen in a drop of water.

Do you remember that my big book of the year last year was Radical Remission by Dr Kelly Turner. Well, I was cruising FB this morning and it seems that Dr Turner is in Cannes, France at the festival with her new film. This is about all I know for the moment but that much is earthshaking.

Let me give you a Felipé book report on her book that I have been so excited about. I don’t have a copy here at the moment because I lent it out, you know how that goes. But just reading the table of contents of this book will give you goose bumps, yes that good. Here is the basic lowdown. Dr Turner is a Integrative Oncologist and she has uncovered something very interesting and it is related to what we have been talking about here at the blog for five years now.

Her starting idea was if you are going to win the war on cancer you have to talk with the winners. So, in ten years she interviewed one thousand cancer patients that had received the diagnosis of “spontaneous remission” from their doctors. Meaning that one day the cancer in their bodies just disappeared. It happens. She change spontaneous remission to radical remission because she grew to understand that it was a longer more deep process that we are dealing with here.

In sorting out all the stories of all these people she found nine commonalities. Not that everyone had all or that one seemed more important than another but that they were common threads with this group. One would expect something like that but what was unexpected was what a majority of those similarities were. What made these people tick?

What she found surprised her and surprised me although we have been bouncing around in this territory for five years so I was totally familiar with the ideas. But to see them in print and together was awesome and affirming. It is a glimpse into something that maybe we have over the centuries forgotten. We have become soo mesmerized by the mechanical aspects of Modern Medicine that it is refreshing to see “the rest of the story”.

So, only two of the nine were about physical things. But seven were about connectivity both spiritually and community wise. One was about taking control of your treatment which is connectivity also. I wish I could do a better job on this but you will have to read it for yourself or see the film when it comes around.

But beyond all that really is the thought that those nine commonalities were good ways to have a healthy life to start with, outside of cancer. We tend to take all this for granted, life that is, till we personally hit a brick wall like cancer though, our usual way to operate. Well, yea.

Have to go. Jim is coming to help with the corn weeding so I have to join in the fun. Alperfect really loves, Felipé.

On The Veranda

From FaceBook, put up by Michael Meade, thank you Michael.

Veranda, I love the way that rolls off the tongue! It seems to have been around for a while, like old money. It has accumulated a bit of history for better or worse. People have come and enjoyed her and now they are gone. But we are here to start afresh. She seems feminine like a big messy lap. Big enough to hold a group. Maybe there are those wicker chairs that the air can blow through to lend to our comfort. The Veranda has a comfortable hold on us, bringing us together when we have been off on separate adventures and quests. Some of us have been injured, some have won awards, some have created, some destroyed. But the Veranda holds us so that we can reunite and its time provides us with the opportunity to see how we have grown while apart. We are together now and out of the glare that is often taken for reality. The din and the glare, they go together. But that seems far away for all of us now. We loosen our ties and let our hair down, we plan to stay for a while. Air is moving to keep things fresh and to rid us of the unwanted. Maybe it means the weather is up for a change. The Veranda will shelter us in a shower and we are beyond worry. Who has a story for the good of the order? Maybe something about pirates or pyrites or parakeets. We have fun even when we aren’t having fun if that is possible. A few of our group goes off in search of refreshments. The icebox can’t be far. Something light please, vino verde or iced blond coffee perhaps. I have dozed off but the light touch of a napkin on my hand has awakened me. Ah, my wine has arrived. Gracias.

Enjoyed the time with you, love, Felipé.

Veranda Blend

I’m with Voltaire.

Veranda Blend is a coffee by Starbucks that is offered here at the hospital. I just totally love the way that sounds so I thought that I would keep it going here. What more do I have for you in Waiting Room News? There is a guys sitting with his back toward me and he has a team jacket on and across the back is the team name, the “Attitudes”. That’s pretty cool.

Yesterday we had more off Island guests come to walk Phil’s Camino, a busy week. No Marines this time but admirable folks nonetheless, nurses and chaplains. What a lovely crew to have visit. Unfortunately they had to swoop off and catch a ferry without tapas. Without tapas is a tragedy, kinda like life without Veranda Blend.

I know it is Wednesday and I have nothing much new in the way of news about our get together in August. The dates are August 23 through the 26th. Pilgrim Farmer John will be here to trill and amaze you. God willing we will be eating super fresh sweet corn. If you have specific questions put them in the Comments and we will answer them.

I have to get ready for my appointment so I am going to sign off for now. Hooping and hopping and hoping you are having a great day! Come back loves, Felipé.