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A pic that William took on one of his treks, The world is seen in a drop of water.

Do you remember that my big book of the year last year was Radical Remission by Dr Kelly Turner. Well, I was cruising FB this morning and it seems that Dr Turner is in Cannes, France at the festival with her new film. This is about all I know for the moment but that much is earthshaking.

Let me give you a Felipé book report on her book that I have been so excited about. I don’t have a copy here at the moment because I lent it out, you know how that goes. But just reading the table of contents of this book will give you goose bumps, yes that good. Here is the basic lowdown. Dr Turner is a Integrative Oncologist and she has uncovered something very interesting and it is related to what we have been talking about here at the blog for five years now.

Her starting idea was if you are going to win the war on cancer you have to talk with the winners. So, in ten years she interviewed one thousand cancer patients that had received the diagnosis of “spontaneous remission” from their doctors. Meaning that one day the cancer in their bodies just disappeared. It happens. She change spontaneous remission to radical remission because she grew to understand that it was a longer more deep process that we are dealing with here.

In sorting out all the stories of all these people she found nine commonalities. Not that everyone had all or that one seemed more important than another but that they were common threads with this group. One would expect something like that but what was unexpected was what a majority of those similarities were. What made these people tick?

What she found surprised her and surprised me although we have been bouncing around in this territory for five years so I was totally familiar with the ideas. But to see them in print and together was awesome and affirming. It is a glimpse into something that maybe we have over the centuries forgotten. We have become soo mesmerized by the mechanical aspects of Modern Medicine that it is refreshing to see “the rest of the story”.

So, only two of the nine were about physical things. But seven were about connectivity both spiritually and community wise. One was about taking control of your treatment which is connectivity also. I wish I could do a better job on this but you will have to read it for yourself or see the film when it comes around.

But beyond all that really is the thought that those nine commonalities were good ways to have a healthy life to start with, outside of cancer. We tend to take all this for granted, life that is, till we personally hit a brick wall like cancer though, our usual way to operate. Well, yea.

Have to go. Jim is coming to help with the corn weeding so I have to join in the fun. Alperfect really loves, Felipé.

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  1. Can I share this blog entry (as a link to your blog) on my FB newsfeed? A lot of people need to read this, thank you so much for sharing it with us.


  2. I love today’s image…reminds me of another William (Blake):

    To see a World in a Grain of Sand
    And a Heaven in a Wild Flower
    Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
    And Eternity in an hour

    1. C ~ a Blake poem! Good one. I got into his graphic art a while back. He did some great work with woodcut printing. F.x

      1. I love his woodcuts! Lots of pilgrimage-related ones, too. I also like his buddy Edward Calvert’s wood engravings – it’s probably my favorite medium (besides backyard Camino land art of course).

        1. C ~ I will have to look up Calvert, thanks. I love woodcut prints, simple and straight forward. Not all the voodoo of hugh tech stuff mediums. I’m not really a luddite but I appreciate the honesty of the older stuff. F.x

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