More #9

The start for us.
(photo W Hayes)

The last part of this one is a little raged and I blame it on the translation but we can run with it non the less. The heart, our heart, our hearts is so important here. We learn about ours and others. Our heart seemed to have a life of its own.

That is the land we were in where things were upside down from our norm. It took days to get in the swing of it but then watch out. Hearts were like bumper cars careening around after that!

I have Robbi and Bill coming this morning to walk and the weather looks much better than earlier. They were here for the Veranda, ages ago. Yea, we are starting to have more visitors around here. Maybe there is a Spring.

miss you loves, Felipé.

Back To The Ranch Fully Pfizered

My Rebecca.
(photo C Johnson)

Had to go into Seattle to the Institute to confer with Nugget my oncologist. All well and good. Then ran back to Vashon Pharmacy and arrived at exactly 2:45 to get my second shot of the vaccine. Kind of a miracle that worked out. Right now I don’t want anything more to happen today. Now here with my Cheetos and Chablis trying to unwind.

OK, I need to bow out now. I am too distracted to go further. But to morrow is another day. Meet you back here.

finding a way through loves, Felipé.

Moving Along To #9

Jessica, on our film crew in Spain.
(photo T Pinkney)

“You are blessed pilgrim if on the Way, you meet yourself and gift yourself with time, without rushing, as not to disregard the image of your heart.”

Yes, to meet yourself. This one always stops me short every time I read it. It seems an odd concept to my normal being, my normal thinking. But maybe that is what the Meseta is for, to have the time and occasion to meet oneself. Not everyone is ready or maybe you didn’t know that was coming and you fell into it. It is an obstacle/opportunity situation.

And then to have time with yourself to see how that works. And time to consider “the image of your heart“. We can be such brainiacs that it is nice to put that aside once in a while. We are more than what we think.

This is such a joy to have the time, opportunity and space to retreat like this. It seems a luxury. It really doesn’t cost anything in itself although you have to push the rest of life away to get the space to do it.

luxury class loves, Felipé.

After The Aftermath

Where do we go from here?
(photo W Hayes)

We all faced a certain amount of reentry problems when we finally had to break off from the Camino. I personally realized that I needed to get out of there for I was throughly exhausted and had no more in the tank. And then I faced two months of reentry when I got back home. Thank you Rebecca for putting up with me.

And at a certain point we all accomplished some sort of compromise or agreement that allowed us to function. Our old life made peace with the Camino and our new life made peace with our old life and it all seemed to work at a certain point. But what happens after that? Do we know where to go? Do we keep the flame alive? What does that path look like?

That has got to be very individual. Everyone needs to cobble that together on their own at their own pace. And I think that this #8 gets us prepared for that. We are really in this for the long run.

To sort of change the subject we had two new pilgrims come to the walk yesterday. It has been so long since anyone new has come along. The Covid has really thinned out the visitors over the last year. So we welcome them and hope that this is the beginning of a trend for our Springtime.

Off to walk this morning in a few minutes. A light rain is falling. All the snow is gone. The birds need seeds.

Monday morning loves, Felipé.

Off To Number 8

All of them in one pile.
(photo P Volker)

“Blessed are you pilgrim if you search for the truth and make of the Camino a life and of your life a Way, in search of the One who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.”

So far the Beatitudes have been more or less about the walking or the traveling of the miles involved. This one points to the point of it all. Is it more than a rich good time? Is it more than a vacation? Is it more than a change of pace from our “normal” life?

Whether you are Christian or not this is taste of that. I know all sorts and flavors of folks walk, yes true, but that doesn’t change the origins and the under lying theme of the whole process. The mix of all these pilgrims from different climes and cultures is wonderful and necessary but it doesn’t change the roadbed of it all, the foundation of it all. And ultimately Christ’s message is for everyone. Everyone is invited.

Christ is termed the Way, the Truth and the Life. In Spanish the Way is translated to Camino. This is what this Beatitude speaks of, this idea or this process. This is the inner pilgrimage that we are invited to join up with. How this works is mysterious but it is not complicated. It is open to anyone ad everyone.

we are in love with love loves, Felipé.

More And More #7

Keeping it real.
(photo W Hayes)

This so much causes so many memories to pop up. How fun! And there were so many memories, more than can possibly be remembered unfortunately. Most are gone somewhere where things like that go. For the most part they were not the big gaudy events or spectacles but casual quiet happenings. Maybe it was a matter of us physically slowing down to a walking pace. Maybe it was that we were present. Maybe we were on that particular wavelength.

It could have been the shape of a cloud or it’s shadow that covered part of a hillside. It could have been a hillside, or the mountain side or the roadside. It could have been the road as it stretched off forever ahead. It could have been the forever or maybe something smaller like a dewdrop. But maybe the dewdrop lived large and refracted a rainbow to our eyes. Maybe it was the eye of a stranger who wasn’t a stranger for long.

They were just random bonuses there for the taking. They were little party favors scattered ahead of us for our benefit. The party was grueling but fun.

lived large loves, Felipé.

William Of The Far North


I just want to expand on the Alligator/Crocodile sightings.

I’m amazed at how we all walk the Camino and yet see many things in different ways.

I remember clearly the day I left Fisterra for Muxia. My original plan was to stop walking at Fisterra and take a bus to Muxia only to find that busses did not run that day.

I left early that morning on foot.

Not many Pilgrims on this part.

At one point I saw a lone Pilgrim in the distance. I slowly came closer just as he wandered off the path and started walking across a newly tilled vegetable garden which obviously belonged to the nearby farm house. I felt outranged at this seemingly inconsiderate act. About halfway into the garden my fellow pilgrim came to a sudden stopped and kneeled on the ground beside the pea netting which was strung across the garden. After taking a more careful look I realized why this Pilgrim had walked over the garden. I followed and joined him. Both kneeling, in silence, we slowly untangled a little bird that was caught in the netting………..

A Camino lesson for yours truly.

Another of the many personal lessons that I was given was to slow down my walking pace. On more than one occasion I had picked up my pace only to have a Snail come out of the grass beside me and cross my path………

Life continues to teach us………….

Solvitur Ambulando.

William, Caminoheads Canada Bureau Chief

More #7

(photo K Burke)

I was more than tickled by all the surprises. One of the best which happened over and over again due to the nature of the flow of pilgrims was to catch a glimpse or suddenly be in the presence of someone that you knew from earlier on the trail. To renew a friendship was always fun. People were always coming and going in the flow. Some decided to stay in a certain place to explore or some would have to heal up for a few days. But then later they would catch up because you slowed down for some reason. Reunions were fun!

Then there were all the religious and spiritual reminders along the trail. From grand cathedrals down to little crosses or piles of stones
made by those that had been there before. There were the carved stone crucifixes that were every so often that were centuries old and the funky crosses made of two sticks and lashed together with some fiber at hand. I remember Kelly my walking partner would get on me for repairing these humble gestures when they fell apart. Then he was so moved by that place where there is a half a mile of chain link fence paralleling a highway that was covered with thousands of pilgrim crosses woven in to it. The crosses where mostly made of sticks but some were artistically crafted of windshield wipers and other automotive debris. We made crosses but I remember having to climb up the adjacent hill to the woods to find some material because everything close by use used up. Kelly was very moved by all that.

And it seemed like God was prodding and poking us the whole walk with those type of artifacts. People there before us had created so many and they included all kinds of hearts laid out in stones and all manner of things. A huge map of the world done in old tires was spread out on one hillside. All this continuously reminded us of the purpose of the walk.

Speaking of walking, it is walking time here. And bird feeding time.

Love You spelled out in old tires on a hillside loves, Felipé!

Off To #7

Looking Around the Corner. Tapestry by William Morris.
(captured on FaceBook)

OK, now that we have dealt with the reptilian intrusion we can move on with Number Seven of our Pilgrim Beatitudes. Geez, of all the crazy things! OK, here’s #7:

Blessed are you pilgrim when you don’t have words to give thanks for everything that surprises you at every twist and turn of the way.

Whoa, does that include marauding crocodiles? Well, I don’t know about that but surprises are still with us, right? I guess we just need eyes to see. If we don’t see it we will easily pass it by. Until finally it trips us up perhaps.

OK, I have to go for today. Let me try and remember surprises from the Camino for tomorrow. It seems like a long time ago now but maybe it is all the stuff that has happened since that filled up that time so fully.

after while crocodile loves, Felipé.


My poor Camino map that I carried and then Catherine carried across.
(photo P Volker)

Just when you thought you were safe, crocodiles show up. It’s all William’s fault really. He wrote a comment about yesterday’s post and that’s where it started. My post said that I would see heart rocks on the Camino when I really needed some inspiration. And William commented that that was just for me as in I was the one that saw them. Maybe someone else didn’t see them but was inspired by something else. OK, got it. But then he starts writing about the pic on yesterday’s post has a crocodile on it and it is going to chomp down on my thumb! What?

And I look and there it is. Can you see it? I thought I was looking at a map of the Camino. But for William it morphs into a reptile and it’s open mouth is by my thumb as I hold up the “map”. So, William proves his point. We very personally see what we see.

Which brings up a technical point. If you get this daily post on your email I don’t think you get the daily pics. If you connect by going directly to the website you will get the pics which I think adds to the post. So, you have to maybe get to the website to see the crocodile.

On the map a yellow line is the Camino from Astorga to Santiago and it forms the top edge of the open of the crocodile. Teeth seem to hang downward and are numbers that mark the daily stages. The lower edge of the mouth is a line formed by the words Ourense and Ponferrada. The pièce de resistance is the eye formed by the city of Oviedo. And there it is for William to see.

Time to go. Have a walk this afternoon. I haven’t been all the way around it since the snow fell. Maybe I will make it today.

more later loves, Felipé.