More And More #7

Keeping it real.
(photo W Hayes)

This so much causes so many memories to pop up. How fun! And there were so many memories, more than can possibly be remembered unfortunately. Most are gone somewhere where things like that go. For the most part they were not the big gaudy events or spectacles but casual quiet happenings. Maybe it was a matter of us physically slowing down to a walking pace. Maybe it was that we were present. Maybe we were on that particular wavelength.

It could have been the shape of a cloud or it’s shadow that covered part of a hillside. It could have been a hillside, or the mountain side or the roadside. It could have been the road as it stretched off forever ahead. It could have been the forever or maybe something smaller like a dewdrop. But maybe the dewdrop lived large and refracted a rainbow to our eyes. Maybe it was the eye of a stranger who wasn’t a stranger for long.

They were just random bonuses there for the taking. They were little party favors scattered ahead of us for our benefit. The party was grueling but fun.

lived large loves, Felipé.

4 thoughts on “More And More #7”

  1. Hi boss,

    I think that all that happened just because we were LIVING the moment fully, with all our senses, with our mind and our soul. Maybe we talked of what was coming the following day at some point of the day, but even if the guide said that there was a step climb to make and 32 km to walk, we were not thinking “I am not up to it”… or fighting with the fact…

    I think the secret was that we were “taking the cup as offered, not altered”.

    I want to go back Loves,

    1. Cris ~ it is almost a shame to talk about it or write about it. It just worked so well in the moment that trying to explain it sort of ruins it. It is like explaining a joke. But there is a purpose hopefully to all this. To remember is important to us and to encourage someone else to go is important.

      Everyday I am thinking about the upcoming Oasis. Maybe fixing this and fixing that. What can we do for activities? Getting the fertilizer for the corn. Not that far away! Felipé.x

  2. Phil, Did you publish the 10 Beatitudes for Pilgrims and I missed it, or is there somewhere online I could find them?
    Feeling a little lost love,
    Henriette Anne

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