Very Very Local

Sink, drain board, cutting board.  The scene of the incident.
Sink, drain board, cutting board. The scene of the incident.

I was just in the kitchen trying to make breakfast for myself and I clumsily broke a wine glass that was on the drainer next to the sink. It fell into the sink with a crash! And that’s pretty loud in a pretty quiet house, just me and the dog up and he is quiet and content after being fed.

Yea, so? Well, the other part of the story is that this is the time and place where most of the blog writing gets done and this morning like very recent mornings I was having trouble. Topics have been hard to find. They weren’t just lying around on the surface to be casually picked up the way that they were earlier. So, I was thinking about that actually when crash the wine glass went falling into the sink and woke me up.

Let me try again to describe it with what I felt. By the way,the bread is still sitting on the cutting board and what am I am doing at the instant is blogging away happily instead of having breakfast. See how it works? Ok, so crash, the beautiful and delicate glass that was happily sitting on the drainboard, meets the not so beautiful and not at all delicate sink.

Yea, so? But what’s important really is my first thought. What about people coming to Dilly Dally? What about those great people that have been coming to share afternoon tapas with us? What, now we are down to three wine glasses. This will never do!

So, isn’t that lovely? Aren’t I outside myself and with you. Isn’t that Caminoheady? Thank you for teaching me this, you guys. Amazing. See how it works?

Love, (do I need to say that? Yes.) Love, Phil.

p.s. – the walking schedule for the near future:
Friday the 3rd 0900-1000.
Sunday the 5th 1000-1100.
Monday the 6th 0900-1000.
(This is here at the ranch. Just show up with your boots on. Would be great to see you!)

It’s Fall in the Northern Hemisphere

Vashon, WA 98070 USA.
Vashon, WA 98070 USA.

I know, the Fall Equinox was a few days ago but it started feeling like Fall for real for me this AM. Had the first real fire of the season in the wood stove. Time to take the screen doors off so it will be easier to get the fire wood in and anyway the bugs are gone mostly.

That all sounds very local which is good for me to express as it is a reflection of my progress to get back home after Spain. But at the same time my walking buddies from Australia and South America are in my thoughts and who are maybe home by now and welcoming Spring there. Love you guys and you are always welcome. All good, Phil.

Phil’s Camino schedule:
Friday the 3rd – 0900-1000
Sunday the 5th – 1000-1100
Monday the 6th – 0900-1000
(There are no sign ups, just show up during these times and walk with me at my place. I am trying to keep it simple and workable.)

Camino Gifts

A fine place.
A fine place.

Little gifts are coming at me. I am doing my best to catch them and to examine them and be thankful for each. These are realizations resulting from seeing my surroundings, physical and otherwise, from new viewpoints, new perspectives, I think.

Remember when we were walking and we were in the middle of nowhere, and we were in that stage between pain earlier and tiredness later. That’s right, the giddy stage. We had mastered pain for the time being and we still had plenty of energy left to walk and learn about each other. We talked and we had time and we explored each other. Is that sounding too weird to say? Somehow in that process I was not only hearing your story but magically I became your story. And maybe you became my story, I don’t know for sure. I was seeing things through your eyes is maybe a more conventional way to say it but it was stronger than that. It was more than an intellectual understanding. And maybe when one does this with enough people you just get the ability to lose yourself which I think is what I am experiencing now.

And this is part of being a Caminohead, don’t you think? And maybe part of the reason I think so much of you. SJA, Phil.

Walking Schedule for Phil’s Camino:
Monday the 29 – closed
Friday the 3rd – 0900-1000
Sunday the 5th – 1000 – 1100

The Grainfields

Agriculture, church, mountain, sky.
Picking wheat for a snack.
Picking wheat for a snack.
Just one stack of straw.  A byproduct of the wheat harvest.
Just one stack of straw. A byproduct of the wheat harvest. Do you see me?
Standing wheat.
Camino Sign in the Grainfields.
Camino Sign in the Grainfields.

We are on the an agricultural theme today because I ran across this passage in the Bible from Matthew 6:1, “One Sabbath Jesus was going through the grainfields, and his disciples began to pick some heads of grain, rub them in their hands and eat the kernels”. We would grab a snack in the same way. Sometimes it’s a long way in between towns. You could eat the wheat like that or eat the bread when you got to the next town which is made from the same stuff.

So, thanks for joining me in this little remembrance. Have to get out to the outdoors. Love, Phil.


Pilgrim  on Bike.
Pilgrim on Bike.

I just wrote an email to my old Caminohead friend Annie and I said something to her that I had to look at again. Maybe marks a new level in finding my way back home after Spain. I wrote,”My reentry is sorting itself out.”

Liking that so much. This is one of the new gifts of the Camino for me and for you maybe. Thank you Maryka and Lucia for helping me with this. In other words, it would be helpful to realize that I can’t affect reentry all by myself, I have to give it a life of it’s own so it can do what it needs to do.

Does that make sense? Maybe someone else could explain that better or just add something to the mix. Please feel free to comment on this or any post.

I got to see Sister Joyce yesterday. What a joy she is. She always leaves with the feeling that we are all in this together. And that is very comforting. Love to all, Phil.

Phil’s Camino

Heart Rock Extraordinaire
Heart Rock Extraordinaire

Good Day Caminoheads! We are off on a new day with surprises ahead. We may not be next to each other physically today as we would wish but we can hold each other tightly in our hearts and walk together in spirit. Rain, shine, bedbugs, blisters, we don’t care. Our biggest fear is missing the message of it all!

Yea! I really need to get my walking trail open again on a regular basis. I miss my local folks and the fun that we had before that darn trip to Spain. Anyway, so here is the schedule to start with and we will tweak it as we go along:
Monday 0900-1000
Friday 0900-1000
Sunday 1000-1100
I am not going to have sign ups. Just come and walk.

The pic today is a shot taken by Esther back in July when this iPad was brand new. Just now I finally figured out how to get it to the blog and to a post. Thank you Esther and I must explain. These three artifacts I found within a half hour as I was working our corn field getting ready to plant this Spring here at the ranch on Vashon. Look at these: a excellent palm sized HEART ROCK accompanied by a working COMPASS (as in finding north) and a brass KEYHOLE plate. A message do you think?

So yea, let’s get walking again wherever we are. Love, Phil.

Mary Margret to the Rescue

Just when I am running out of things to say Mary Margret has wrangled up some great info. Here is a magazine article by Brierley, the guy that wrote the most used guide book. I could only figure out how to read the first page but that was plenty good.

That Guy

I was driving through urban Seattle on the way to the hospital for my chemo treatment and I stopped at a light and this homeless guy was crossing on the crosswalk in front of me. He was suntanned, T-shirt, ballcap, walking shoes. He was weighted down by a pack and he had a slight limp.