Started A New Book

William is so great to supply me with these images from his travels.

I think that it was Henriette that left the title of this book with me but I could be wrong, so many great folks have come through here lately. You know it is the salon here at the Camino where people come and share great ideas all the time. But it is entitled Intoxicated By My Illness and that is by Anatole Broyard.

I just started it last night but it reads well and I should be able to get through it in a timely manner. It is fascinating, where most people find desolation the author revels in the situation. That’s what I want to see at this point. He is so blessed that he has the tools and capacity to express himself so. We will say more about it in the future, promise.

Somehow death has always seemed like it would be a dimming of life. We want to continue onward to another day but our capabilities ultimately fail us as our fire dims. But taking a cue from my cancer it is possible that a person as they approach death could grow so large, robust and wacky that they outgrow their venue like cancer does to the body. Maybe blast into another dimension!

I am so lucky to have options for my mind and spirit to fly to. There doesn’t seem to be a good reason to be small about things. Where does that get us anyway?

It’s a blast loving you, Felipé!

Such A New Day

from William

Hump Day today, Wednesday, the middle of the week. We are having some rain this morning. It’s been a little wetter than normal this July. That’s good.

So, the other day Catherine and Dana and I hammered out an agenda for the four days of the Veranda. It gives a little structure to the situation but is not totally solid. There are a few things to be added but maybe I will print it for you so you can get a rough idea of the flow of it.


Tentative Schedule for Caminoheads Pilgrims on the Veranda Gathering
August 23-26 2019

Friday 8/23
0800 ​​Coffee
​​Gathering, moving in, mingle

​​Pilgrim Blessing

Saturday 8/24
1200​​Film at Vashon Theater
1300-1600​Vashon Town Time
1700​​Mass at St. John Vianney Catholic Church
2030​​Campfire (Bureau Chief Reports)

Sunday 8/25
0900​​Rosary Walk
1600​​Walk / Anointing with oil
1700-1900​Celebration (our Felipe)

Monday 8/26
1000​​Tour (All Merciful Savior Monastery)
2100​​Campfire & Close

There is plenty of meet and greet time in there. And there are a few things to add but not too much. We thought that it is better under engineered than over.

I am guessing that we are having about sixty pilgrims here all together although I don’t expect them to be here all the time. People will be coming and going.

We will be on duty part of the time. I am asking that everyone spend a quarter of their time here as a hospitality helper. There will be things to do to keep things moving. Also I am going to give a responsibility to each of the Bureau Chiefs.
In this way we can help each other as we like to do anyway.

OK, please email me if you have specific questions about anything concerning your trip. .

A little over a month away loves, Felipé.

Sometimes A New Perspective Comes About

Years pass sometimes as I trudge through certain aspects of my life. I don’t even sense that I am in a rut. Everything seems present and accounted for. Then one day somehow I stumble on a new way to look at it. It was there all the time but it wasn’t available to me. How many things are like that?

Last evening I was doing energy work over the phone with my friend Janet from California. I’m the subject, she’s the worker. We were having our weekly session Monday evening. It was warm out and I decided to move my end of the operation outside to the deck by the tapas table. You know the place.

I stretched out on a reclining chair and found myself looking upward at the big cherry tree which overhangs the area. It was there before we got there in 1980 and it has turned into quite a presence over the years. And as I was there working with her I was becoming more and more lost in the structure of this gnarly old tree.

It was like meeting an old friend that I hadn’t seen for a long time. Look at that! And look at that! And look at that over there! I enjoyed that immensely. And Janet wove it into the treatment nicely. But that tree has been in my life most everyday for decades now and it took a different perspective to see it and enjoy it, to appreciate it anew.

It has a great cantilevered way that is spread out horizontally to cover most of our house. This is totally different from the structure of the conifers growing in the crowded forest here. They are interested in height as they strive for the sun. This guy is out in the open and is intent on growing outward.

So, I scurry around under this magnificent tree in its shade and protection doing our tapas rituals. Our guests enjoy themselves laughing and sharing stories. And I take the tree for granted. So that is what I was awoken to last evening. It was fresh and new remarkably.

I wonder how many other things are lurking around waiting for me to rediscover? And a major part of that is slowing down. So thank you Janet for slowing me down for that hour.

Off I go to the day. Unexpected loves, Felipé.

The Morning Walk

Michelle, Levi and Felipé on Phil’s Camino from a few weeks ago.

I have a few minutes before the regular morning walk at 9 o’clock. Maybe a brave soul or two will show up. It looks like it could sprinkle on our heads. And we are getting down to the finally laps of this our third walk across Spain. There are somewhere between forty and fifty laps to go I am recalling. Maybe mid August we will be in Santiago!

Any ideas where to go next? I need a map or guidebook from another route maybe. Remembering back to the start of this trip across and I was then looking for another route and nothing came up so we did the Frances again.

Oh, a light rain out. This is going to so help our wild berry crop this year, all this rain lately. I’m predicting they will be super juiced because of it. The king berries are starting to appear. That is the singular blackberry at the very end of the vine that ripens first. So, coming soon.

Out of time for now. That’s how things go these days. See you soon! King berry loves, Felipé.

We Had A Death

Vashon Island had a death yesterday or the day before. I don’t know the details but it was a Vashon man that died outside of a detention center in Tacoma, WA. The city of Tacoma is just a short ferry ride from here.

Apparently there has been protesting going on for a while involving immigrants being housed there. And without knowing too much it looks like some sort of protest action gone very wrong. I mourn for this individual and too for the whole situation.

It seems hard to say very much about this without getting involved with the whole political football game that is going on. Some compassionate middle ground thinking needs to develop to sort this out and sooner than later. I am sure that more will come out about this story and maybe the good part is that there are more of us talking about it today than yesterday and that includes me.

OK, off I go to my Sunday. Walk later today at 4, swing by. Blue sky loves, Felipé.

A Quiet Saturday

Am iris from William.

I hear a mower in the distance and a raven cawing overhead. My wifi is funky today, maybe Comcast didn’t get my check yet. Check’s in the mail guys!

You know there are still a few folks wondering about my hospital visit a week and a half ago and where I am at with my clinical trial. So, we got my numbers back in the acceptable zone and I am back on the trial but at a lower dosage of the drug. This is the lowest dosage available and if this triggers my numbers to be faulty then I think that I am done with this. But in another week and a half I will be back to the hospital for a look see.

So here at the ranch I got a week and a half to enjoy the summertime. We are fortunate to have no storms and earthquakes here at the moment anyway like other places. Kind of lazy really. Well, no that is not accurate. Maybe simple is better. It’s not real complicated getting through the summer.

Our daughter Tesia and her family are going to be up here soon for a stay. It will be fun to check in with them. The two grandkids are growing and will have new tricks for us.

Time for me to get to work. Alperfect around these parts. See you tomorrow. Simple loves, Felipé.

Mind Aswirl

Thanks Ronaldo

Here to write another great blogpost and my mind is “aswirl”. Just discovered this word and it tickles me. OK, it seems to describe me some mornings when I sit down to do the blog. Too many topics to choose from to write about or more likely too many half baked ideas to write about. But wait a minute, what’s wrong with half baked?

Half baked is sort of like not ready for prime time. Maybe it is like not all totally thought out. Or maybe it’s just been discovered and it is too early to jam it in a pigeonhole. Yea, unformed or still birthing. See, there are dozen good ways to think about it.

Anyway Ron CABC, that’s Astorga baby, had a nice post on FB this morning which I put up top of this post. Encouragement is oh so important and maybe the best thing that we can come up with to do these days. We are the Encouragers!

Just hoping that your day is the bestest! Love, don Felipé.

How About An “On” Rather Than An “In”?

Flora by William CCBC

Sorry, John O’Donohue we had a typo in the title of your poem yesterday. It did sort of still make sense to me with a “in” but upon looking at Catherine’s book of the blessings the right little two letter word is “on”. I will go back and edit the blogpost now. There. So it is, “For A Friend On The Arrival Of Illness”.

But the thought remains how come it took me five years of writing to get half way to what John said in one poem? See that’s the “not fair” part. But I am happy none the less for I found the trail even though I had to do it the hard way and crawl it at a snail’s pace. I understand what he is getting at in other words, it all looks familiar.

Hat’s off to you John for this piece of poetry, this blessing. You have enriched the conversation immensely. You have pointed the way to something different, something positive, something that we can work with.

OK, walking in minutes. Tomorrow is just hours away, we you then. Anon, Felipé.


My Favorite Kelly pic from the Camino.

That poem that I just posted was amazing plus. What the heck? How can one human come up with that? Some of that we have messed around with here on Caminoheads but how can one guy shoehorn all that into so few words? And with such clarity? It isn’t fair really.

Please go back and read that if you haven’t. I am afraid that if I write this second post in one day you might somehow miss the first one. But I wanted to write my muddy thoughts on another post and not right up next to John’s priceless poem.

I was going to write about something else today but it will have to wait for tomorrow. A rainy day today. I’ll head to the woodshop to make some progress on the cabinet for church. Thinking of Wiley who has his archery camp kids this afternoon.
Maybe the weather will improve for them by then.

Improving weather loves, Felipé.