Where Is My Center?

I have four hardwood trees that are growing in containers behind the deer fence. Jim my old friend from Buffalo brought them in his suitcase in May. They are doing well and are very soothing to the spirit I find. (two sycamores and two chestnuts)

The political rancor these days is, I don’t know, unbearable is a good word. It is like a drumbeat of chaos, if that makes sense. I strive to find my personal center after watching a few minutes of this hearing that is happening right now. Somehow it reminds me of walking into Burgos through those miles of industrial chaos. Both don’t seem healthy or conducive to anything creative. Yike!

Maybe I am just a weakling but this is too much for me these days. Somehow my plate is full with things that seem more vital or important to me personally. Am I burying my head in the sand or am I doing what I should be doing by taking care of my own business?

Every little thing seems a bit too important out there. And things that seem important one day are thrown away the next. And here I am refusing to chase all that around continuously. Is that OK with everyone?

Sorry for dragging you into this today but maybe you feel the same way. Maybe we aren’t supposed to live by being pulled in one direction one minute and off in another direction the next.

Well, I hope that is it for today. I need to get to work here. I have a lot of TV not to watch.

searching loves, Felipé.

11 thoughts on “Where Is My Center?”

    1. Ronaldo ~ yes, I think I will do that. It seems like the most sane thing at the moment. How are things there? Can’t wait for you to meet Karen. Hello to Ann. Felipé.

  1. Phil,
    My adult children can relate to being transplanted from Buffalo to the Northwest (when they were 3) and growing strong and healthy. My son is still there. Perhaps the most concrete life change I made on returning from my first Camino in 2014 was to stop watching televised news. I read the local paper and a national paper and listen to NPR a bit, and if it’s not covered there I guess I just won’t know about it.
    All the best to you,

    1. Dave ~ hi. Good to hear from an old Hard Scrabble guy! Yes, when I got back from Spain I was in no need for TV or talk radio. Now I watch some sports and maybe try and catch the weather somewhere. My Rebecca has been absorbed in the whole political rigmarole. It was on the tube when I was trying to write the blog this morning. And you read the end result. Hope to see you again. Please stop by when in the neighborhood. Felipé.

  2. Thank YOU Phil for a very realistic look at the global/local situation as it is presented to us today. I like your comparison by making reference to the approach to Burgos. Your head is not buried in the sand. Looking up is the way to go. Your on the right path.

    1. William ~ thanks for the vote of confidence. I just don’t need all the drama these days. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Felipé.

  3. Agree fully.
    While valuable to check in on the world news, it’s not always wise to get sucked into the vortex of chaos ensueing.

    1. Nancy ~ It’s too crazy these days. Makes me want to pick up my ukulele and try and play something. Having a good summer? Felipé.x

  4. Ah, it is enough to mind the land that nourishes you, to awake and praise another blessed day, to give thanks for all the grace that God has given you. If someone came to your door; you would, I know take them in. There are those called to take to the streets, and you would too, if you heard that clarion bell ringing in your heart. Pay attention to what you hear, God speaks to us in strange and mysterious whispers. Not everyone is struck from their horse like Paul on the road to Tarsus. (Should we all be so lucky.) Trust in that which is given to you and that which steers you. As they say: “God is with you.”
    (OK, that was inspired or maybe just a glad or two of beer, unleashing some of my errant thoughts. Regardless, Felipe, the crazy world goes on, all we can do is grab a hold of what seems good, just, and beautiful before us, and place our shoulders to that particular wheel.)
    Hugs from Crows Feet Farm, to Raven Ranch this fair summer evening.

    1. Dear Neighbor ~ Thank you Catherine for taking the time to craft that thoughtful message. There is so much debris flying through the air these days. It challenges our normal gyroscopic capabilities. Thank you. Later, Felipé.x

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