Phil’s Camino

Heart Rock Extraordinaire
Heart Rock Extraordinaire

Good Day Caminoheads! We are off on a new day with surprises ahead. We may not be next to each other physically today as we would wish but we can hold each other tightly in our hearts and walk together in spirit. Rain, shine, bedbugs, blisters, we don’t care. Our biggest fear is missing the message of it all!

Yea! I really need to get my walking trail open again on a regular basis. I miss my local folks and the fun that we had before that darn trip to Spain. Anyway, so here is the schedule to start with and we will tweak it as we go along:
Monday 0900-1000
Friday 0900-1000
Sunday 1000-1100
I am not going to have sign ups. Just come and walk.

The pic today is a shot taken by Esther back in July when this iPad was brand new. Just now I finally figured out how to get it to the blog and to a post. Thank you Esther and I must explain. These three artifacts I found within a half hour as I was working our corn field getting ready to plant this Spring here at the ranch on Vashon. Look at these: a excellent palm sized HEART ROCK accompanied by a working COMPASS (as in finding north) and a brass KEYHOLE plate. A message do you think?

So yea, let’s get walking again wherever we are. Love, Phil.

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  1. Hi Phil – I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog, brought back so many good memories of my Camino adventure! I’m just a summer person on Vashon, but I would love to walk your trail next time I’m over. Wasn’t the measita the best thing ever..major contemplation/reflection time. Congratulations and thanks for sharing it so well. Steve Gant

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