On The Veranda

From FaceBook, put up by Michael Meade, thank you Michael.

Veranda, I love the way that rolls off the tongue! It seems to have been around for a while, like old money. It has accumulated a bit of history for better or worse. People have come and enjoyed her and now they are gone. But we are here to start afresh. She seems feminine like a big messy lap. Big enough to hold a group. Maybe there are those wicker chairs that the air can blow through to lend to our comfort. The Veranda has a comfortable hold on us, bringing us together when we have been off on separate adventures and quests. Some of us have been injured, some have won awards, some have created, some destroyed. But the Veranda holds us so that we can reunite and its time provides us with the opportunity to see how we have grown while apart. We are together now and out of the glare that is often taken for reality. The din and the glare, they go together. But that seems far away for all of us now. We loosen our ties and let our hair down, we plan to stay for a while. Air is moving to keep things fresh and to rid us of the unwanted. Maybe it means the weather is up for a change. The Veranda will shelter us in a shower and we are beyond worry. Who has a story for the good of the order? Maybe something about pirates or pyrites or parakeets. We have fun even when we aren’t having fun if that is possible. A few of our group goes off in search of refreshments. The icebox can’t be far. Something light please, vino verde or iced blond coffee perhaps. I have dozed off but the light touch of a napkin on my hand has awakened me. Ah, my wine has arrived. Gracias.

Enjoyed the time with you, love, Felipé.

7 thoughts on “On The Veranda”

  1. That sounds like Veranda rules!!!
    I think you must frame it and put in the tapas place! I am envisioning myself with a hat, sunglasses, a glass of cold white wine or rosé in my left hand and Ronaldo’s strawberries on the right… enjoying the time with me in the veranda…

    But… it is always better when the neighbors are around and there is also chat and laughter! Looking forward to it on August!

    Summer soon loves,

    1. Cris ~ You like it? I know, what’s there not to like! I was out there is the stratosphere this morning writing after I read that post about the muse. The Veranda came from the name of the coffee yesterday. Anyway all that aside tell me would that make a good name for our get together? Are you seeing it, The Caminoheads’ Veranda. I’m tired of all the other names that I have been playing with. Have to run, I have some help coming to weed the corn 🌽. Felipé.x

  2. Sounds so great that we can make T-shirts too!
    “The Caminoheads’ Veranda” ~ 2019 world tour”

    I am loving this!
    Loving love,

    1. Cris ~ I am getting giddy on this. Looks like we got a winner! Felipé.x

  3. Each days post, pulls me back to walking and then your table. I’m sitting on Shelly’s veranda… enjoying Seattle weather in Arizona. Don’t ask me how. It’s unusual weather. The doves coo daily here and it’s become a sweet sound.
    Felipé, a tight hug for you,

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