Veranda Blend

I’m with Voltaire.

Veranda Blend is a coffee by Starbucks that is offered here at the hospital. I just totally love the way that sounds so I thought that I would keep it going here. What more do I have for you in Waiting Room News? There is a guys sitting with his back toward me and he has a team jacket on and across the back is the team name, the “Attitudes”. That’s pretty cool.

Yesterday we had more off Island guests come to walk Phil’s Camino, a busy week. No Marines this time but admirable folks nonetheless, nurses and chaplains. What a lovely crew to have visit. Unfortunately they had to swoop off and catch a ferry without tapas. Without tapas is a tragedy, kinda like life without Veranda Blend.

I know it is Wednesday and I have nothing much new in the way of news about our get together in August. The dates are August 23 through the 26th. Pilgrim Farmer John will be here to trill and amaze you. God willing we will be eating super fresh sweet corn. If you have specific questions put them in the Comments and we will answer them.

I have to get ready for my appointment so I am going to sign off for now. Hooping and hopping and hoping you are having a great day! Come back loves, Felipé.

4 thoughts on “Veranda Blend”

  1. A Veranda is a wonderful place to restfully ingest coffee. I have not spent too much time in waiting rooms, but my memory is that they need as many inducements to be restful as possible, with or without an Attitude.

    I regret that we will not be there in August, but I expect we will be there in Spirit.

    Things in Astorga are progressing, making new friends as we move from one temporary living place to the next one. Our move this morning is to an apartment for a week so that we can get into some kind of routine, making meals, drinking Vino Tinto from our own bottle.

    In the refrigerator came a basket of RIPE strawberries like one newer ingests unless they grow them just outside their homes back door. I immediately ate one, showing the glorious soft red insides to Ann. They will be our bedtime and morning snack!

    So we are supplied with adequate Attitude, a Veranda, and apartments to look at today and tomorrow morning. Life is as sweet as a ripe berry.

    1. Ronaldo ~ You are making history there in Spain. We see your move as an opportunity to be closer to our memories and closer to new realizations, who knows? Thank you for hanging out on the Veranda with us. With Attitude, hello to Ann, Felipé.

  2. Phil, made a double batch of your corn relish and ate it all in two days with some help from Tory!! Delish!!! Gracias! Have a memorable Memorial Day, Marine! Thank you for your service. Semper Fi 🇺🇸👍🇺🇸

    1. Ken ~ glad you are so gung-ho on the corn relish. It was so much fun with you and your friends. And thank you for your service also. Hello to Tori. Felipé.

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