Have To Admit


I have to admit that I am a little disappointed in the results of the scan from Tuesday. The results were no real change. You could see slight growth depending on how you measure it but never-the-less no turn around. We decided to give it another six weeks as sometimes these drugs need sufficient time to build up to the right level. But in the meantime I feel beat up.

There was also a glitch in the numbers for my kidney function and I am getting a week off while they double check. So, my nerves are somewhat jangled at the moment. I was hoping for some significant dismantling of those tumors equal with the work I have been putting into it the last sixteen months.

Ah, so it goes. Yesterday I saw some of my favorite nurses. I miss those guys since I don’t go in as often with this latest drug that I take orally. Anyway they are very supportive. And one of their own is on the Camino right now, ten days into it and blogging. And another is also a pastor at a local church and wants me to come and show the documentary to his congregation. That’s all good.

Off to the prayer service at noon and will be offering my prayer for the sick and infirmed. I worked hard on the crafting of it and will be glad to read it here soon.

Off I go. Lots of moving parts here today, have to get started. “sick and infirmed” loves, Felipé.

OK Sun, Warm Us Up


Another beautiful day in the making. And yesterday was so pretty with a nice walk and tapas outside. Ahh, this is what we all have been waiting for all those winter months.

So, back to the big city in a few minutes. The big day to see what is in the surprise box of my scan report. Always anxiety producing and important to get over with.


OK, this is August 23-26th here at Raven Ranch. RSVP at [email protected] . Also, if you could leave phone number and email address we can have all that in one place.

So let’s talk accommodations and transportation. There are lots of BandB’s and Airbandb’s. You have to Google around at Vashon Island, WA for info. It is not too early to book something for yourself. We need a certain amount of rental cars to make this work so if you can afford one please get one.
Local folks will have their own transportation and may be able to get some folks from place to place. I am sure that being the pilgrims that we are this will work out.

Camping and portapotties will be here at the ranch. We have plenty of room for that. And the weather is the best that time of year. We will have an outdoor kitchen set up for campers to use.

If you have questions post a note to me in the blog comments. Reminder, comments don’t show up immediately after you submit them but they will go through.

Well that is all I have for today. Have to pack it up.
Where are my sunglasses loves, Felipé.