Smaller Than A Dime

I just noticed this morning that I am missing a little something. Five years ago after loosing two little Virgin Mary medals on the Camino I found a tiny silver shell in a crack in the sidewalk. It was some little town, big enough to have a pharmacy type town, and I was with Maryka in the last 100 kilometers somewhere. Doesn’t matter, a crack is a crack. But I have been wearing it on a chain around my neck along with a silver cross that was my Mother’s.

Well, it is somewhere right? Somewhere safe for the next person to find is the right way or a good way to look at it I suppose. A certain amount of randomness is refreshing and welcome.

We saw the Sam Cooke documentary film last evening on Netflix. My Rebecca heard about it from a friend. That was a good one to catch up on some important history.

Memorial Day today. The local vets are putting on a ceremony at the Vashon Cemetery. I ran or helped with that for something like twelve years when I was serving in various offices in the American Legion Post. I had to quit that when my cancer hobby got so time and energy consuming. But we remember those on whose shoulders we stand.

OK, have a walk in a few minutes. The day is supposed to be beautiful and maybe eighty degrees. Holiday loves, Felipé.

4 thoughts on “Smaller Than A Dime”

  1. Hi Phil,
    We watched the film about Johnny Cash called “Tricky Dick and the Man in Black” last night. Everyone loves Johnny Cash and I appreciated him even more after the documentary.

    1. Aho’i ~ OK, I’ll put it on the list. Beautiful day today wasn’t it? I spent half the day out weeding the corn til it got too hot. Not used to it. Felipé.

  2. We wanted to go and see the Macedonians at a place in town called Rhythm and Rye but by the time it started we were shot. We put in a long day working on the place, finishing the mowing and weed eating at seven. I’m wondering if that part of life, that is “night life” is gone from our world now. We were nodding out by nine trying to watch the Sam Cooke film. Even though we only got half way through it I feel better informed, not only about Sam Cooke’s life (I never knew he was friends with Mohamed Ali) but about the era and the racism that persists today. We got to get together, try and love one another, right now.

    1. Hey Aho’i ~ thanks for being so active here at Caminoheads. Yea, the Sam Cooke film was hard to get through but it is all important. Hope to see you soon. Felipé.

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