Plans And Expectations

On the ranch.
(photo P Volker)

These days of the pandemic are trying and challenging for all of us. We rearrange the way we do things and then we rearrange them again. We are not ever quite certain of how things will work or work out. Our normal is not to be seen. Plans seem impossible to think about. Do we expect much anymore?

Life on the Camino was largely about not having expectations and not worrying too much about how things should be. At least that is what we were trying for. Let events unfold without worry. Handle changes and obstacles as they occurred. We got in the swing of that.

It is not that we closed our eyes to happenings or that we shielded ourselves from experiences but we just handled events as they came up. We moved along. It wasn’t always pretty but it seemed beautiful to us. We could use some of this now as we navigate this unfamiliar landscape.
We spent our energy in the here and now and not with plans and what if’s for the future.

Yesterday we were taking about patience and today onward to moving along without expectation about how things should look or turn out. Dear Joyce Rupp wrote that Camino book Walking in a Relaxed Manner which speaks to this. And this is all useful today in the here and now.

onward loves, Felipé.