You Can’t Go Wrong

Corn acomin, I just sent for my seed.

Is it me or are most folks short on time? It feels like everything I do could have been better prepared. After a while I wing this and I wing that trying to patch it together. I need more of a Thoreau approach with less irons in the fire.

But whatever the situation I don’t think that we can go wrong with showing appreciation for the things in our lives. Gratitude always works it seems in each and every situation. There was just a FB post with a pic of a little raggedy kid who was smiling like crazy. And the caption was something like, “It’s not happy people who are grateful, it is grateful people who are happy.” Yea, right!

What does Annie have for us today, this 21st day of Lent. Oh she has gone Old Testament on us:

Be still and know that
I am God.
Psalm 46:10

Yes, that looks like more of a Thoreau approach to the whole situation. A few less irons in the old fire would be good. Well, and that is only half of it. Being more still may give us a better chance of getting closer to God. There would be less clutter in the way.

That certainly worked for me on the Camino. I was way closer to God and my fellow man just in general. I had that simplicity that the life style allowed. It all seemed so easy.

Off I go on my busy day. Maybe I can find some way to jettison a few things on my list of things to do. Grateful loves, Felipé.

2 thoughts on “You Can’t Go Wrong”

  1. Hola Felipe,

    Balance or rhythm or pace not sure what it is that we have lost (globally) and need to find back… I don´t know how, but these days that we seem to have so many things that “help” to do things easier and faster (like the homebanking to pay the bills instead of going and waiting in the bank line to quote only 1), we have less time, and we end the day with a list of things we haven´t done today and we are putting in tomorrow´s list…, and the days go by without we feeling we have lived through them…

    I don´t know if this is an adulthood thing, and when younger the list of things to do was shorter, I don´t know if it is the time we live in, I don´t know if it is my plate that it is too full (but actually everybody´s as “Being too busy” is a common status…

    Maybe we pilgrims found true happiness in the Camino because we always knew inside us that we were not made for fast speed highways and the Camino showed us the way of living we were made for? For sure I know that going fast I cannot see around, the road is too risky and you can only focus your sight ahead and not to the sides, and it is impossible to have a meaningful conversation when all you have to focus are mirrors, other cars, signs that will be passed if we blink… I can see so clearly how the Camino resembles life…

    Oh well, I long for the days in the Camino, when time used to walk too, along the feet and the brain and fast speed highways were excluded of the way.

    Walking rhythm loves,

    1. Cris ~ yes, you obviously feel that same pressure. And that is not the Camino is it? And that is the whole point really. That’s what leads us back all the time. To get back to a place where things are the right speed and relationships are at their best because there is time for them. Yes, we are talking the same language here. And on top of all this is having time for our relationship with God. Do we have the time to do a good job with that? We must find a way to simplify things in the here and now. Do you have that phrase in Spanish, “We are preaching to the choir.” Meaning that we are talking to those who all ready know. Felipé.x

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