Gratitude Again

Giving thanks

I think that it wouldn’t be inaccurate to say that gratitude is the gateway to everything. We need to give thanks before asking for our impossible. Before feeding the five thousand Jesus gave thanks for what He started with.

It is not a sin to think big. That is true but I don’t know exactly where I am going with that but just let it sit there and rest. It is a part in another puzzle.

Almost five year ago now I remember being a part of the miracle of the tiny piece of soap. I got caught without my usual soap that I carried and there on the sink in plain sight was the tiniest piece that someone just before me had left recognizing it’s value. I washed with it and there was still plenty left when I was done so I left where I found it. For all I know it has been there for twelve hundred years. St Francis may have used it on his pilgrimage before me. Really Felipé?

Anyway, let’s see what Annie’s quote for Day 20 is, oh a Shakespeare!

O Lord who lends me life,
lend me a heart replete
with thankfulness

~ William Shakespeare

Here we are half way to Easter. Time flies here at Caminoheads. We are privileged, we are thankful, we are open, we are ready, we are first and foremost grateful!

Soapy loves, Felipé.