Finding The Time

More color!

Having enough time to do a good job with our relationships is a good goal to work toward. And maybe to have a little time for ourselves to read or self express. I do feel fortunate to have craved out enough time to do this blog everyday. I should count that in my blessings.

I think today is the day that Catherine and I are off to Confession. I am so bad in the sense that I have put it off so long. During my first years as a parishioner I went every few months and somehow now I’ve slipped into the minimum catagory going once a year. And with Easter coming the pressure is on to get it do. Geez, more pressure. But it feels so good when I am finished, yes that’s true.

Tomorrow is our Sunday afternoon walk. I have been trying to get The Camino back in shape and I am close to that. We lost the shelter at the rockpile and if I can get that up and the table straightened up that would be great. Some of the nurses are coming out to be with us. There was some rumor about them bringing their ukuleles.

Let’s see what Day 22 has for us inEveryday Camino with Annie.

I release and let go,
I let the Spirit run my life
and my heart is open wide,
yes, I’m only here for God.

fromI Release by Rickie Byars & Michael Beckwith

Yes, I do admit I need some help running my life. The Spirit it would seem could do a better job at my fumblings. I will work on this. Maybe this is part of my Confession today.

Thanks for stopping by. Walk tomorrow at 4. Hope that you have sun where you are to enjoy.

In with the Spirit loves, Felipé.

2 thoughts on “Finding The Time”

  1. I saw Sheena this morning and she said she’s coming. You’ll have a good time with the ukulele music 🎶
    Tomorrow is grits and cheese day, then Monday on the road to the desert. 🌵 I will think of you with each spoonful.

    1. Bonnie ~ it was great to see you out here. Good luck on your new adventure. Old friend, Felipé.x

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