The Long Awaited Catalina Arriving Today


Beauty alters me.
Beauty alters me

Right at the hospital to get my pump Pancho taken off and then I will be on the road to the airport to pick up Catalina.  She will be with us a the ranch for a few days to check out Phil’s Camino close up.  This is something that I have really been looking forward to.  We both as it turns out grew up in Western New York so we will have plenty to talk about starting way back there.

Sun is finally coming out around here so am looking forward to some walks today and over the weekend.  We are supposed to be doing an interview but that could take many forms.  We will see what Catalina has in mind.

Starting to think about getting ready for the trip to San Francisco next weekend.  Will see some old friends, Annie, Padre Tomas and new friends that will be there for the film.

OK, back home at Raven Ranch.  Have Catalina safely here from the airport.  Just had a chicken dinner and fruit salad dessert.  Right now listening to Buffalo Springfield album that we haven’t played in twenty years.

The evenings entertainment is going to be watching some movies including of course Phil’s Camino.   On with it then, see you all tomorrow, love, Felipe.x






2 thoughts on “The Long Awaited Catalina Arriving Today”

  1. IF I could teleport myself anywhere right now it would be to your house, to hang out with you and Catalina! Love you guys! Keep those cards and letters coming, ha ha! <3

    1. Annie ~ yes, Catalina is lovely and we are getting a lot done, same wave length. Had extra time to give her an archery lesson this morning. Cards and letters, yes, love, Felipe.

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