A Saturday In The Pyrenees



Rebecca and Catalina at Raven Ranch.
Rebecca and Catalina at Raven Ranch.

Just taking a little break at the moment.  Catalina is here to be with us for the weekend from Berkley, CA.  We are working together to get down to the essence of Phil’s Camino – the trail, the experience, the substitute for the real thing.  She is a prof and art historian and her special interest is in labyrinths and shrines that people,and groups have built to serve as replicas of the real thing.  The idea is to try to have a similar experience to the real thing if a person can’t make the trip.

So, she came to the right place, right?  We got that stuff going on and it has been working for a while.  It is fun to see her come and check the scene out.  With her knowledge and experience she is looking it over.  It’s fun to help her out.

A Saturday in the Pyrenees means that I am having low energy due to the normal cycle of my chemotherapy.  So, I am resting and writing and working with Catalina.

We are going to a harp concert tonight.  I’ve never been to a harp concert, first time.  Catch you all tomorrow, Love, Felipe.x

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  1. Hola Felipe!
    Even at the “low energy” phase, you still bring in the good looking ladies! And don’cha just love it when you get to use the phrase “never done that before” when you’re at our ripe old age?? I don’t really have a “bucket list”, but there are hundreds of things out there that “I’ve never done before”, and many of them call out to me 🙂

    Back when you and I were in the “young buck” stage wearing Marine Corps green, any mention of Berkeley always conjured up “the other side”. So nice to know that you’ve got one of them “studying” you now. I always thought of the Altar as being a replica for the table in the Upper Room at that first Eucharist. That’s as close as we can get to the “real thing”.

    On Monday, I’ll be breaking a long tradition of going to the local cemetery for the Memorial Day ceremony. The Iowa City Deanery is sponsoring a 21 mile Pilgrimage from St. Mary’s Church in Iowa City to St. Mary’s Church in Hills. It is to honor the Visitation of our Blessed Mother. I’m hoping there is a good turn out. It will be the first real test of my “bionic hip”. Stay tuned!


    1. PFJ ~ I am going to help put up flags tomorrow for the Legion. I don’t know if I am going to the service at the cemetery or not, kind of worn out. Have to tell you that the corn is looking good out there, so exciting. Love you man, Felipe.

  2. Thinking of you and all Marines this weekend. I have a fellow Marine planning to attend the film showing in OKC since I’ll be in Texas then. Keep the faith. Semper Fi.

    1. Ken ~ good to hear that you have someone covering for you at the showing. He can give you the report. I am off to San Francisco next weekend. There is so much happening that I can’t keep up with it, Felipe.

  3. PFJ-
    SO interesting that you use the term ‘upper room’. I use that all the time, as I go into meditation. I think to myself that I am going upstairs…going to that upper room. Love it! We can’t help ourselves! Felipe, I hope you and Catalina continue to enjoy the time together. There are few other people I can think of that would be as perfect to have with me on a ‘low energy’ weekend. Nice!
    A note to Ken Brust, as well: I hope you will introduce yourself to me when you come to the screening. I will be there, doing the Q&A after the film. I’d love to meet you! It will just be me, Felipe will be going to the San Francisco screenings, though, on June 4 & 6.
    Much love to all you Caminoheads! <3

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