Corn Is Up!



Kathy from Dubuque just sent this in, sunrise on the Mississippi.
Kathy from Dubuque just sent this in, sunrise on the Mississippi.

Have a walk at 0900 and will check out the corn progress.  So exciting to start a new season.  Need  to find some time to finish the sunflower planting.  There were a bunch of volunteer sunflowers that were coming up all over the cornfield so Ivette and I transplanted those to into a row but still have some seeds to plant.  Sunflowers are so fun.  Ivette was saying that in Italian they are known as flowers that turn with the sun.  Yea, like that.

Still pretty much celebrating my good scan results.  This gives me a good shot at three carefree months till the next one.  That’s the name of the game right now, living from scan to scan and having fun betwixt and between.  So, party on around here.  We will, God willing, be eating super fresh corn on the cob and enjoying the crazy robust sunflower blooms when my next scan needs doing.  Alperfect, right?

Today off working building a retaining wall for a little slope that is unruly.  Rene, the Mexican gardener will help.  Then am building a little wooden console that fits in a neighbors new car and that needs a fitting to see how close I came to a fit with my educated guess.  That’s Thursday and then tomorrow will run into the hospital for an hour and then off to SeaTac airport to pick up Catalina coming in from California.

Oh, time to walk, have to go, later, love all the time, Felipe.

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  1. Phil, great news on scan results. I, too, am tending a garden but with only tomatoes and jalapeños. Tory of course is the real gardener! Have a super weekend. And always remember our brothers in arms who are no longer with us as I know you do. Semper Fi. Bruiser

    1. Ken ~ yes, the scan news is pretty amazing. I marvel at the situation. And I like the thought of your tomatoes and peppers growing. It is so great and vital really to be tied into the land with growing things whatever the scale of the operation. Yes, thinking of our brothers who have given all. Yours, Phil.

  2. Amigo Felipe! So great that you’re hearing from my Biggo Amigo, Ken Brust and his wonderful Seattle born Tory! They’re as much a part of my life as the rest of my really big family.

    I have been planting corn for myself since 1972, and, except for the 4 years I wore Marine Corps green, I helped Dad plant his corn since I was about 10 years old. And yet, every year when I put it in the ground, I’m a little nervous until it’s all up and looking good. Ours got planted earlier than it ever has and is looking great. We are currently under a deluge of rain, with the radar looking like it could rain most of the night. Once the ground is saturated, all the rest is simply going to run off and head for the Gulf of Mexico. A real waste, all the way around.

    Thrilled to hear of your good scans! Apparently your “conversations” with those wretched little tumors has been paying off. Did you use any Parade Deck language on them? Sometimes I do that myself when things aren’t going exactly according to the Plan of the Day 🙂


    1. PFJ ~ yea, the corn is up and really quickly too. My little babies, right? I know the feeling of worrying about them. Yes, and the scan was good news and am grateful. Pretty wiped out now and have low energy. Yours, Frlie.

  3. I just checked in because I knew that an entry with “Corn” in the title would be sure to bring PFJ to the comments section. Sure was fun having the both of you in the same place for a weekend… Ahhhh, memories! At least we have Dubuque! 😉

    1. Annie ~ he has been pretty quiet since then. I think we wore him out, Felipe.

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