The Giant Corn Cob And The Barn Swallow

Felipe does tile.


Yesterday was day ten that the roadside stand has been open and and have been selling pretty much everything.  Occasionally there are a few ears left over.  The early corn is finally hitting its stride now as the later corn looms.  But I had this idea to create a little advertising gimmick, well actually a big advertising gimmick.  I said to myself maybe I need to whittle out an eight foot tall ear of corn, all painted up fancy to put out by the stand.  Can’t miss that right?  This is life at the ranch.

The other thing I am trying to accomplish is to finish the rebuild on our shower.  Back thirty five years ago we tiled the area around the tub and creating this flying barn swallow mosaic.  Well a small area finally fell apart last year and it has been begging for attention.  So finally I am rebuilding it.  This will be a great one to get off the list.

Sorry, this all seems so minor in the grand scale of things but it is our life today.  And that’s what counts really, how we live our life today maybe in spite the grand scale of things.  Also I am excited about tomorrow and the blogpost.  I’m going to run off and have one of my Bible Guys scan a few pages of a book entitled Mapping so I can put it up on the blog tomorrow.  This is such a great story and a total inspiration for me.  Just want to share it.  So just giving you a warning, prepare, you may be inspired!

OK, time to cement in the soap dish.  Have to get it in place in the wet mortar and then prop it up with approximately thirty five sticks.  What a riot!

Love you like a riot, Felipe.


4 thoughts on “The Giant Corn Cob And The Barn Swallow”

  1. Have to make a small correction here–it fell apart at least three years ago, not last year. Time flies when you’re having fun.

    1. My Rebecca ~ I think a compromise is in order here. How about a year and a half? Your Felipe.x

  2. Hi Felipe,

    Here, the men always have the last word.

    “Yes darling”

    🙂 Laughing here!

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