The Day After

Me and Rho at the Venanda. So mark your calendars for August 20-23rd!
(photo W Hayes)

Lots of dishes and debris to get through but it was worth it. Wiley and Henna were over for Christmas morning and then later for dinner of venison roast and pumpkin pie. Wiley contributed the meat and Catherine y Dana had made the pie from scratch. Well the venison was pretty much from scratch come to think of it.

Lots of greetings for my birthday and Christmas have come through by various means. Thank you all. Even though we can’t touch physically we are doing our best. Just had a call from my cowboy chef friend to say hello. Had to have him write in August 20-23rd on his calendar for the big party. Think you will be ready?

A few more days to News Years! Seems to me that will be a big celebration. Let’s turn some corners!

We got a work day today. It’s sausage making day. Making it in bulk, in other words no casings. Two kinds breakfast and hot Italian. It is a chore but like so many things worth the work.

Time to go for me. Take care for now. Miss you.

more to come loves, Felipé.

4 thoughts on “The Day After”

  1. Hi boss,

    Happy after Christmas & Sausage making day! 🙂
    It seems to me that we are pretty good at making something out of the day and use it as an excuse (or reason?) to celebrate around “this corner”…! I like that, because celebration means… CAKE!!!

    I think that as soon as the new year starts, we will have to make another “Advent Calendar” for the waiting time until the Veranda 2021… alright, maybe my hyperactive brain needs to stop having all these ideas!!!

    “Grant me, O Lord, good digestion, and also something to digest*” Loves,

    *Thomas Moore, prayer for good humor

  2. The day after Christmas,26th,is called Boxing Day in England and I have read the name comes from the fact that rich people would put the stuff that they hadn’t eaten on Christmas Day in boxes,hence boxing!,for the poor folks to take Ireland it’s called St Stephens Day.i understand that in the USA Boxing Day isn’t a public holiday but here it is,well 2! because it falls on a Saturday the actual public holiday is on Monday but as a lot of people work Saturdays you now effectively have 2 holidays.when I was a kid I thought that the name Boxing Day might come from the fact that people engaged in a spot of bare knuckle boxing on that day!

    1. Kevan ~ yea, thanks for the explanation on that one. We have nothing comparable here. Felipé.

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