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The quince with its red flowers  adding to the airs sweet smell.
The quince with its red flowers adding to the airs sweet smell.
Daffodils adding to the sweet spring smells.
Daffodils adding to the sweet spring smells.
Forsythia with its yellow  flowers adding to the sweet smell in the air.
Forsythia with its yellow flowers adding to the sweet smell in the air.

Things are happening to move the documentary film along. Not only along but along in a great sort of style and grace. Saint James seems to be at the helm on this one and we are on a tack that is smooth and suited to our hull and rigging and the wind is pushing us ahead at crusing speed. I wanted to tell you about two things that are happening now to update you.

One is that in conjunction with the article in Northwest Catholic Magazine (coming out March 1st) is a radio interview that I taped a week ago with Sacred Heart Radio. It will be broadcast between March 1st and March 15th on AM 1050 at these times:
Sundays at 8 AM
Mondays at 11AM
Thursdays at 6:30 PM
Saturday’s at 3:00 PM

Sacred Heart Radio website is: . Perhaps you can stream the interview.

OK, then I heard last evening that Annie, Todd and Jess are coming back up to the Island to do some more taping for the documentary. Need some more material taped on Phil’s Backyard Camino. So we will be walking and walking and walking. Well, as long as we get in some time for wine and tapas.

So, this will be toward the end of March and it would be good if some of you locals would show up to walk then. I had three pilgrims show up for our Wednesday afternoon walk yesterday and that was a great time for celebratory sharing and some of what we need to show. So show up!

Well, I need to change oil in Raven One, my pickup, shower, then off to see Sister Joyce and go to the hospital for treatment. I’m glad that St James is in charge of all this, I really can’t keep up with it all. Yesterday Annie said something to me that was very calming. I was saying to her that it appeared once again that we, meaning she and I and the production crew, were on the same page and she said, “We can’t help it.” I have been thinking about that ever since. Thanks Annie. Once again I am being gently passed from one great set of hands to the next.

The best to you Caminoheads. Love, Felipe.

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  1. Don’t know why you were surprised by Annie’s comment, ‘We can’t help it!’ Haha, didn’t we already talk about Camino synchronicity, Felipe? Karl Jung is chuckling right now because he knows he was right that when you are on The Path (his word, not mine) everything falls into place as it should.



    Mary Margaret

  2. MM ~ I know, but it just struck me so. You’re right but I’m not always in the zone. But beyond that it is just very comforting and reassuring. If I could just keep myself from mucking things up. Had a great visit with Sister Joyce today. We talked about this stuff. Gosh, she is something. I am so lucky to have all thes high quality connections. That includes you of course. Loves, Felipe.

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