TGIF Cherry #9

Just a pleasure to have our great friend and consummate Caminohead, Cherry, here to rescue us from Stalehead. Mixing it up is good. So, I have to go walk and I will turn this over to one of our Aussie Angels. Thanks Cherry.

Cherry at it again!
Cherry at it again!

When I left Australia twelve months ago I imagined a life changing sabbatical. Yes I’d get to see famous sites, experience life-long dreams and overcome incredible challenges. But when I left I was also hoping for serious spiritual growth, to be a better person, to find the path to enlightenment. Kind of like Paulo Coelho in The Alchemist or like a trainee monk off to Tibet. I always felt there was something more, I could feel it.

And I had to complete the whole journey though, just like the shepherd in the Alchemist. I had to make the whole journey and arrive back at the start to get my treasure. However, it was the journey that offered me the insights which opened my eyes to the way of life that I had previously only dreamed about living.

It probably didn’t help that I had a partner who was a scientist. Don’t get me wrong Mel didn’t discourage me from pursuing ‘spirituality’ but she didn’t encourage it either. As a scientifically trained person, Mel couldn’t quite grasp religion or spirituality because it lacked proof.

My proof is now a knowing, previously an inkling, and then a bit more than a hunch but now a knowing. I know because I have experienced it. Although I’m still an amateur at it, I still know that my ‘spirituality’ exists. And I have the tools and the frame of mind to continue with my practice of living my life the way I always dreamed, with contentment and peace.

The secret is so simple and we have all heard the same words over and over in the past. But the words finally made so much more sense for me now. Live in the moment. Don’t dwell on what was or what could be. Don’t be controlled by your feelings, emotions, fears and happiness. Yes I said happiness. Instead, practice mindful meditation regularly. Open you heart, keep it open, spread the love and receive the love. I know I still have a long way to go to experience ‘enlightenment’ but I also know that I’m on my way. This life is my treasure, my gold. Thank you for this life, I treasure it always.


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  1. Oh, my.

    Yet, what is the the tickler, the reminder, the
    Moment to moment impetus that sustains one’s focus, will, intention and mindful presence in each moment? Crisis and new-found love does it, the experience of extraordinary beauty does it, hearing from friends living it does it, but I find the desire to make things better sems to demand an awareness and reflection upon and participation in ‘what could be’ and an awareness and reflection upon ‘what wasn’t good’ in order to find one’s path for a life well-lived. Those explorations and understandings — the stuff of myth and poetry– depend on and exist by virtue of leaving the moment to expand understanding in other ways.
    This is, and has been, a dilemma for me…

    1. Steve ~ thanks for chiming into the conversation. We are digging deep here. Alperfect really, Bro Felipe.

      1. Alperfect– perhaps that is the nub of it all, in the end. It sits well with me when I consider what I am, how I think, fret and celebrate as just Me, how I’m made and formed– sans any judgement of My way of being, who I am and how I ‘be’, as I am and as I hope and strive for better. Alperfect, as you say. “Good enough” and with some degree of aim, intention and hope on ‘better’ is Alperfect, huh? Perhaps to forgive oneself and yet believe in oneself and one’s better intentions and hopes– well, for me anyway– is what it takes to savor each moment.
        Just saying..

        1. Steve ~ Just sayin, love you man. Alperfect is more like the big picture is alperfect and the more that we can get close to that the better. Wresting with these things is what we do. And talking things over with your tapa buddies is priceless. Happy spring, Felipe.

    2. For me ‘what wasn’t good’ was the very fact that I focused before on ‘what could be’. Now instead I just do my best to focus on the now. I do know that anything is possible but that’s not where my awareness is. Thanks for your thoughtful comments Steve, much love x

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