Back Again

The three of us safely back from our trip. Much thanks for that. My brain is generally scrambled and maybe I will just send some pix of this gorgeous afternoon. We is Settle generally try and hid the fact that days like this happen in October but am letting the cat out of the bag.

See you tomorrow hopefully with something to write about. It is always a pleasure to be with you. Ever onward loves, Felipé.

The Elk Hotel Rides Again!

Beautiful here at camp this year. Afternoon temp in the seventies, frost overnight.

The one and only Elk Hotel.

Wiley is hitting with this old hammer shotgun that he inherited from his great granddad Ollie.

We are out at our desert camp, at home with the sage brush and rattlers. Last year someone forgot to pack our trusty tent, the Elk Hotel, but she is a going concern here presently.

Jamesie, Wiley’s buddy, rigged up some wifi for me to get a post out today. I got better service here in the Middle of Nowhere than at home, go figure.

Well, I am getting feedback from folks seeing the new film in Indianapolis. Yup, all pretty amazing. Really looking forward to the weekend and a reunion with some grand folks. The big event is the showing on the 20th, which is the last one for Indie. We will be there to answer all your questions.

Gotta go and fix lunch for the boys. Alperfect as usual loves. Felipe.

Finally Friday

Our hunting camp last fall. Looking for a similar situation tomorrow.

Two things to accomplish today, get to the hospital to finish up my treatment and pack my trusty truck for the trip east. It is all in the realm of possibility no problem. But this may be a short post because of that scheduling pressure.

I have a nuts and bolts question for you. The last two months the readership to this blog has fallen off, at least the stats show that. I don’t know if that is really true or just a glitch somewhere. I noticed that I don’t get your comments through my email anymore and that happened in the last two months. My question for you is did you notice something different recently? Maybe there is some sort of formatting glitch that is hindering our communications.

Always a challenge fighting the technology wars. Just when I think I have my own personal rut in order something changes. I really need an on staff eleven year old to keep this in order.

Well, enough of that. I am taking along a Thomas Merton book for my trip. I have never really read anything by him only a quote here and there. So, we will see what develops. Oh, it is entitled No Man Is an Island.

There is some sad news coming in from Italy where Rho was robbed of her wallet. We are doing our best to brighten her.
She is our new SW US Caminoheads Bureau Chief coincidentally. Maybe if you haven’t said hi lately you could.

OK, I have to go. The clock is ticking a little louder than usual. Love you guys, Felipe.

Phil’s Camino Walking Schedule 9/11/18

The South Pasture in the October Light.

Here’s our general schedule til the time changes and our afternoon walks then will start 1/2 hour earlier:

Monday 0900-1000
Tuesday 1600-1700
Thursday 0900-1000
Sunday 1600-1700

But here are some dates when the trail will NOT be open:

Sunday Oct 14
Monday Oct 15
Tuesday Oct 16
Sunday Oct 21
Monday Oct 22



Well yea, that is my battery charge at the beginning of this session but not exactly my statis. Had treatment yesterday which is akin to being bit by a rattler every two weeks or something similar. But here I am ready to say hi and impart some sort of bogus wisdom to you’ll.

One of my archery students is a history prof and left me with a wonderful book to read. It’s a history book dealing with St James, Spain and things Camino. It is history maybe not exactly written for the layman but not out of reach either.

This is it!

I am maybe a quarter of the way through it and have seen enough to recommend to recomend it to you. It is written in a sort of Nat’l Geographic style with lots of color shots of sites, art and maps so it is broken up nicely for the readers interest.

The history of the Iberian Peninsula is so rich and largely buried. As we walked the Camino we were forever coming across rubble and ruins of this and that, we not knowing. But the enormity of it all is impressive. So check this out if you have a long winter to fill and have an itch for history.

I am walking in a moment and then archery with the history prof and her husband, Jen and Jim. So check the walking schedule next because I will be gone for many of the walks in October.

Love, Felipe.

A Labyrinth For A Dear Friend, Maybe.

Here is a classic!

Well, I don’t even know if she needs help but if she ever did we would be ready. Right now we don’t have much to work with but we have enthusiasm and we know how to work a shovel.

And of course someone else may need help also. Labyrinths may be the next big deal springing up hither and yon. Wouldn’t that be great to see. Of course they are not as exciting as devices with screens. Maybe they would be a good alternative. Or time spent in that form of contemplation would be a good alternative to the time spent on our gadgets.

As I understand it the labyrinth was an invention to give a person an idea of what a pilgrimage would be like. I really have to stretch my imagination to come up with that but yes there is something there. I will work on expanding that for myself and for us.

And who knows maybe we could come up with some innovations in what a labyrinth looks like. Maybe there are other forms or ways to do it. We could maybe reinvent the wheel on this one. It has been known to happen.

Look, I have to go as my battery is almost gone here at the hospital. I want to complete this and get it on the wire.
Thanks for stopping by. Maybe you could write to me about any ideas you have in this area.

Thanks for stopping by loves, Felipe.

The New Offical Poster!

Who Dat?!

Things are headed toward the sucking vortex of Heartland Film Festival. The new version of Phil’s Camino officially entitled Phil’s Camino – So Far So Good will be premiering this coming Saturday there. But really the big day for us is the following weekend when a major Caminohead Cluster is happening that Saturday to celebrate the last showing. So, if you are planning on coming up try and be there on the 20th.

But first I am going to escape to Eastern Washington for four days to enjoy the outback. It seems it is turning into an annual ritual for me, Wiley (our trusty son) and James (The Most Interesting Man in the World – In Training). It is theoretically a bird hunt but almost anything could distract us.

So I will be writing this blog from there and will publish those posts when I return to civilization unless I can somehow transmit them from that Middle of Nowhere. So, I am pretty sure that Caminoheads will be off the air for at least four days. But have no fear we will be back with a vengeance.

Then we will be reporting from Indiana and giving you Felipe’s impressions of the Heartland Film Festival and environs. So, off I go now to start the packing process. Don’t want to forget my bow tie. That’s a joke. Love you my friends, So Far So Good Felipe.

It Was A Joy

Smelling the roses.

Monday now and walking in a little while. This morning is cloudy and wet. But yesterday afternoon’s walk was perfect weather wise. And so glad because we had a crowd, eight folks showed up and then myself for a gaggle of nine. We walked and talked and joked and prayed.

I am not going to use names because sometimes life is delicate and things are balanced ever so gently. Well OK, I will break my rules right away by saying that Catherine and Dana were here and ever so solid and always enjoy them and profit and learn something from them. But the main reason for the rest of the folks being here was that there was a death so very recently and people had come from afar to be here on Vashon to grieve and help out. And that whole ensemble in all its beauty was here to walk. And we enveloped them without the least awkwardness like we were old hands at this kind of pain.

And we had wine and tapas inside and watched Phil’s Camino. I hadn’t seen it in a long time and I laughed and choked up more than usual. And you know how it is with pilgrims, we have learned to laugh and cry at the same time with the way life is.

Yea, life gets better and we get better at life somehow. I am off to walk this soggy morning. Maybe some hearty pilgrim will show up to be with me.

Make the most of it loves, Felipe.

He’s Right There!

Saint James Again and Again and Again.

We had an important Sunday today at St. John Vianney’s Church.
We were being visited by a statue of Mary as she appeared at Fatima. We get her for one day and then she moves on to another parish. Very beautiful and inspirational she is.

Catherine and I were in our usual position at Mass. We always sit in the same place. Funny how that happens. And we were looking at the right side of Mary as she was up next to the altar. And on the first row of pews which was empty, as it always is, was a pile of fabric. Most was white but some was colorful. And all of a sudden I was seeing the left side of a man’s face in the folds of the white cloth and the flow of the colored fabric was looking like hair. There it was mustache and everything. I couldn’t not see it.

So I ask Catherine in my low voice whether she sees St James there and no, and no and no. Right there Catherine. But no.

Then I am telling Dana about it and she puts together that St
James is looking toward Mary. I didn’t put that together.
And then at home I told Rebecca since we have been talking about the phenomenon of seeing things that are suggested in random visuals. OK Rebecca I say him in the cloth and Catherine couldn’t see him. So Rebecca says it was in my brain. Yea, but God gave me this brain, right?

Well, OK, a morning in the life of Felipe. Lots of folks coming today to do the Sunday walk. Have to go, love you Felipe.

Our Caminohead Bureau Chiefs

I stole this off FaceBook, couldn’t resist.

Over some time now I have been able to find and install some of you to help out with the blog. These folks are the Caminoheads Bureau Chiefs. It sounds important and is. You guys are located in certain areas and we need you to keep your ear to the ground for news in your region. News and pics about walks, groups, insights can then come into me at headquarters for use on the blog. That’s the theory.

So here are some folks that we have so far:

Canadian ~ William in Calgary, Alberta.
Heartland US – John (Juan or Pilgrim Farmer John) in Wellman, Iowa.
Northwest US – Steve (Esteban or Steve-O) in Ashland Oregon.
Southwest US – Rho in San Diego, California.
South America – Cris in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

That’s who we have so far. We seem to be good north and south but need some help with longitude. I would like to have a couple of people on the East Coast. How about Hawaii? How about Europe? And I am working on that. And in addition as Steve-O says this gives a person practice with spelling Bureau. It seems all big fun and educational to boot.

Maybe we can have a pic for each one of these fine folks for you in the near future. We are ever on the lookout for improvements. Stay tuned.

That is all I have for you today. I am off to lunch and to work. Have a good one. Work hard, play hard loves, Felipe.