On a day like today in 2019…

Dear Caminoheads,

If you know me a bit, you know I am very fond of exploring my mind, in addition to my soul and my heart (in fact, I think I explore more my mind because to explore the soul and the heart are way more difficult endeavours for me…) And one thing I have always complained about is the fact that I tend to return to think on things that I thought I was done with. Lucky me, I have good friends, many are also professional/trained helpers and others have just good memory, who remind me that I am not in the same place, because I am not walking in a circle but in a spiral… so I am always one layer away (or one layer closer, both work) from the point I am looking at but never in the same place I have been before… Yet, the reason why I tend to look at the same point is because when I walk by it, still is a patch of discomfort…

Not sure how, but I think this thought is related to what Phil wrote on a day like today in 2019 (and it seems I commented on this post too…)


I didn’t come this far to only come this far Loves,



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Was reading a Seattle newspaper article yesterday about how our warm dry Spring weather is going to be replaced by a cooler wetter version which will last for a while. The local firemen always pray for a wet Fourth of July. Vashonites celebrate with a lot of fireworks and tend to burn down a certain amount of stuff in the process. Anyway the corn is reaching for the sky so the weather is fine with me. We are approaching knee high as of now.

So, we made it to the ballpark to cheer on our Mariners and we did a bang up job too. I think the final score was 8 – 1 Mariners. Wow, a good time. And good to hang out with Dave and Helen. Dave is one of my Bible Guys that I have been with for fifteen years studying.

Last night when the conversation shifted to our last Bible Guys meeting, Dave said that that was the best meeting that we ever had and I agree. And I have been thinking on it because I’ve had a little time and space to do that. Without being specific I want to talk about that for a moment.

One of the guys who we haven’t seen in a while spoke of his challenges with his wife’s cancer. It was very open and moving and brought us all up to date. And other guys shared stuff about what was going on with them and theirs. It all seemed to have a central theme as I listened. And that was getting to the place where one can operate, function and maybe even thrive in that place of dislocation and discomfort. That is what I am calling that state for the moment, dislocation and discomfort. It is the place where we may find ourselves after we have spent a lot of time and effort trying to avoid. The place that is the opposite of our best dreams for ourselves and our loved ones. It’s in my own case dealing with cancer.

But how do we get on top of those obstacles? How do we get to the point where we can work with that and live with that and make it into something positive? Yea, and that is really the bottom line of this blog and five years of blogging. It has been the unfolding of this process for me. It has been a long drawn out process but worth every penny and minute of it. That’s what I am beginning to see anyway.

Hey, time to go find my shoes for the morning walk. So glad I can still ambulate. Thanks for being here loves, Felipé.