On a day like today in 2020…

Dear Caminoheads,

Remember 2020… The year of the pandemic…? How crazy was that…?

Well, on a day like today during the pandemic, we had the story of Norm. I was thinking that even me here, after only 3 months, I also have my “Norm”, but her name is Doris and she sells fruits in the big market.

Love the Norm in your life,




This post has been written by Phil/Felipe/The Boss/The General, and reposted by Cris

A guy name Norm…


(photo W Hayes)

You don’t meet that many guys named Norm these days so when you do you have to take advantage. Norm works in the hardware and lumber store on the Island. He is the one of the employees that you want to keep track of because he knows the answers and he is available. I was in buying some plumbing parts the other day and he was stocking in that aisle so we were gabbing. I had most of my plumbing problem figured out so I really didn’t need him so badly but it is always reassuring that he is close by. So I was done and ready to leave when I said, “Norm, some time before I die there is this one fitting that I never have had a chance to use and I always wanted to.” Norm thought that was humorous, “Like that’s on your bucket list?” I said, “Yea, I’m easily pleased!”

Well, that’s a good attitude to have during a quarantine. I don’t have to fly off somewhere or get seasick on some harrowing boat trip or experience some another way of having buckets of fun. Somehow being fascinated with the common or familiar seems enough for me these days. Being outside walking the trail with visiting pilgrims and weeding the corn seems just great for a June’s activities.

I was listening in on My Rebecca’s Zoom meeting today with her knitting group. It was absolutely hilarious. So glad I had the opportunity. People are connecting and just having good times despite the lockdown or near lockdown anyway.

So, time to go. It is drying up outside, time to continue my contests with the weeds.

be safe loves, Felipé.