On a day like today in 2017…

Dear Caminoheads,

This thing of being humans is so rich… isn’t it? Yesterday and today I spent a very brief face to face time with someone with whom I was used to have a professional relationship with in which usually it was me the one sharing more about my own tangle than this other person about its own. But meeting outside a professional setting, we embrace the fully human experience, we are all more prone to share our tangle-being, which is actually what means to be fully human.

Love your tangle and the other’s tangle Loves,




Post below written by Phil/Felipe/The Boss/The General, reposted by Cris


On a tangle

Caminoheads in OK! That’s Tori, Annie, Roni and Ken.


Thanks for being in our tangle.  What is that Felipe?  Well,  first just want to thank folks that sent in comments of support for me over the last few days and to folks who were thinking of me.  I’ve been a little shaky lately but on the mend with your help, thank you.  But you see we are in each other’s tangle. We respond to each other because we care about each other.  That’s what I mean.   You are willing to be open to my story, me, my tangle.  It’s not always pretty but you know that and are willing to put up with that.

And you are a tangle, not that I know everything about your personal story but if you are alive I am guessing that you are a tangle, an unfinished, incomplete, unpolished, slightly dented individual.  Me too, me too.  But we reach out to touch, that’s what is important.

A tangle I thought was a good analogy.  If you reach out to me you are likely to get some on you.  Hehe, that sounds funny.  And if I in turn reach out to you I am likely to do likewise.  But hey as long as we know the rules of the game what could go wrong?  Well, a lot of things can go wrong but we risk it none the less.

Does this ever remotely make sense?  I hope so.  That is all I have in my tank today.  I have to run off.  Bless you, love you, Felipe.