A purifying Saturday from Spain…

Noche de San Juan from Cris´s balcony

Dear Caminoheads,

It is almost midnight in this Meridian, and from my balcony, I have just been a spectator of a fire in my doorstep. Do not desperate or worry, this is not one of those fires, it was a purifying fire… the celebration of the “Noche de San Juan”, a mixed Catholic and Pagan tradition, mixing the birth of St. John The Baptist (Jesus´s friend) and the summer solstice. Traditionally, the Noche de San Juan is celebrated at 00.00 AM of Friday 24th of June, where people go to the beach and ignite a bonfire where things that need to have “a turn” are written in a piece of paper and converted into something else by the fire… Those of us who got to Finisterre, likely burnt something there too, right? (I did!)

Well, my neighbours have done a community “offering” which was burnt not long ago, not before having some fireworks (which are the “sign” of Valencia along with the Fallas Valencianas and along with the oranges… and now there is a party where the fire was burning minutes ago with music, beer and cider… (yes, these Valencian people are interesting!!! and totally fun!!! and GOSH they cook well!!!!!) So, my apologies, but I am going downstairs and join them. (I can see my downstairs neighbours -Xavi and Inma, and Paqui and her cousin, with their chairs outside… And I have some small bottles of apple cider in the fridge that I could take to the gathering…)

All new Loves,




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  1. There’s a group in Iraq who worship John the Baptist and they are called Mandeans.They are held to be the remnant of a 2000 year old Gnostic group.Sadly their numbers have much dwindled with all the trouble in that part of our planet although they where small in number to begin with.

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