A Certain Peace

Virgin Mary and Child on the trail.
(photo P Volker)

A certain peace has settled over the land, at least as far as I can see and hear. I think that we all feel like we lived through a close call. And now we take a collective breath.

And then there is the pandemic. Crises aren’t happy to just come at us one at a time but now appear in bunches. Yike. Tomorrow morning I will be up early because the appointments for the vaccine here on the Island opens up at 0530. Would like to score a couple of those for this week for us. It is our turn being we are older than dirt and medically shot full of holes.

I would really like to get the Moderna shot since that is the company that Cris is associated with. But it doesn’t seem like there will be a choice. But thinking of you Cris anyway!

Speaking of Cris she really hates it when I write about American football. I don’t know what possibly could be wrong with it personally but I will make it short. But today is a huge football day with four teams playing to see who will be in the Super Bowl February 7th. And this year the Buffalo Bills are in the mix so I will be routing for them this afternoon!

Well Catherine will be here momentarily. Time to walk and say our rosary then off to church for Communion. What a great ritual, probably will miss it when real church starts up again.

peace be with you loves, Felipé.

7 thoughts on “A Certain Peace”

  1. I love you, even when you tease me about American Football!!! We will have to explain to the public where this comes from at some point, meanwhile, let’s keep it secret and laugh!

    Since I met you, the reason why I do what I do for work has massively changed… and I will be forever grateful to you for that.

    How I would love walking with you and Catherine there Loves

    1. Cris ~ Catherine and I were talking today of having the rosary walk as a regular weekly feature of the Camino here once church starts up again, whenever that might be. Plus we just walk and talk to catch up on news. There will be plenty of time for you to see her and everyone. We do hope that you come for an extended period. We really want you to come for forty days and be so so biblical. Onward loves, Felipé.x

  2. Cris, What a graceful, grace-filled comment. I send love and affection your way. This may be urban myth, but to Phil I say that I have read that the Pfizer vaccine is a better protection against the newer, more contagious versions of COVID. (Cris, is that true?). Good old Vashon. Line up and get the shot. Here in Seattle, they give out 2,000 at a time, and I cannot get an appointment. Not even close.
    Vax Love and Futball Love,
    Henriette Anne

    1. Hi Henriette,
      Always so lovely to hear from you! My self grows with all the pampering you all do here! I am not used to it!

      I have to say that I haven’t read any published information regarding the higher or lower efficacy of the vaccine to the new strains, but it could be misleading to do a statement at this moment when the new strains have been circulating for only a month or so, and also because there are so many. Nevertheless, this is an expected behavior from viruses, so the potential for mutation has been considered for the vaccines development. We hear in the news as if the mutations would be something terrible and unique for this COVID beast but this happens to all; unfortunately the mutations at making it more contagious but it could also be the opposite… maybe we could do an advent calendar with the aim to wait for a milder, kinder strain? How about that?

      Lots of love going your way! Keeping hope high Loves,

  3. I have an overwhelming feeling of comfort with President Biden in office. Sounds just like my Grandpa when he speaks. Makes us all realize, not that we needed the reminder, how great it is to have normalcy again. Turns out, boring is awesome!
    Now, I am hoping for the Cuban ban to be lifted, so that I can get to the “Finca Vigia” Hemingway’s house.
    Let me know, Phil…take you with me!

    1. I was in Hemingway’s villa in 2007… and had coffee in the famous cafe where his statue is… I remember having with me my paper copy of “The Old Man and the Sea” so the picture would be complete!
      Cheering you can do it, Ryck!

      Coffee loves,

    2. Ryck ~ Yes, I know what you mean about Joe. I visited Key West a few times and remember hearing that guys used to water ski from there to Cuba. It must have been crazy wild in the hayday. Felipé.

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