Tapas in the sunshine, April 25th.
(photo C Kraatz)

Back to the ranch after a whirlwind morning of medical procedures. Cyberknife Monster Mash session number three was very first on my lineup for this week. Yes, it was still frightening. I found a very short vid of the very machine in the very room at Swedish Hospital.
Also consider that for me the machine lurks around my head and neck area, up close and personal. I’m smelling it’s breath.

Cyber-Pilgrim Experiences

OK, then I careened through the city to get to the 1025 ferry to make my eye doctor appointment on the Island. My life careening from one doc to the next. Geez.

But that is Monday, today. Yesterday we had Steve-O here and then we had two wonderful women here for the afternoon walk and tapas. It is pretty much like we are open 2019 style again.

Our pilgrim guests were Leigh and Corrie. They do have a wonderful way and have great Camino moves that they have plans for. You will meet them at the Oasis in August. I will have a blog post on them and their efforts here soon.

So the beat goes on. Phil’s Camino rises from the ashes of 2020. It’s true, it is happening!

happening loves, Felipé.

6 thoughts on “#3”

  1. ⛴ 👽 👃🏼 💨 🏝🚶🏻🚶‍♀️🚶🏻🚶‍♀️🚶🏻🚶‍♀️🚶🏻🚶‍♀️💙

    1. Sherie ~ I’m on the ferry and I tried listening to the Bishop Sheen film but couldn’t quite get it. As a kid I used to avidly watch him in black and white. Just me alone with the Bishop. He probably left an impression, don’t you think. We need to do a FaceTime. Felipé.x

  2. The machines vary but the they seem to have 4 heads.i assumed that some of the heads where counterweights but I asked a technician and she said that they where collector plates.the main head is what fires out the beams of radiation.i guess that a collector plate is perhaps an image of the area the beams irradiate? that’s my motto ‘alway remain curious’about everything even when you’re central to what’s been done!I have my main appointment next Thursday at the regional centre for Cutaneous T Cell Lymphoma it having become too serious for the local hospitals.i think that a punch biopsy to check for Transformed Mycosis Fungoides AKA Large Cell Mycosis Fungoides.

    1. Kevan ~ oh man, you are way deep into all this and I can’t always follow you. But I and we appreciate your tenacity and curiosity. Hang tough brother, Felipé.

  3. Phil and Rebecca,
    What an amazing day! Thank you for the opportunity to walk with you and share tapas. It was an honor to spend time with both of you. We are looking so forward to visiting again during the Oasis gathering. Please take good care!
    Buen Camino,
    Corrie and Leigh

    1. Leigh ~ we feel the same way. Thanks for coming over. Will email you. Felipé.x

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