The big three!
(photo P Volker)

Getting there! #4 took a few minutes longer than previous treatments. They had to keep coming in and getting my body aligned. I got chastised for moving around. I guess they are talking in millimeters because I wasn’t really moving around. I mean I felt like running away, that would have been moving around! Maybe it was a good sign in that I wasn’t totally frozen in terror.

Yea, one more treatment to go and that in on Thursday. Tomorrow I have my visit to Nugget and get my Keytruda infusion. Ah, variety.

It is about two weeks away to corn planting. My old friends Jim And Gloria are coming from Buffalo to help out. And I have some finishing touches to put on my new layout of the corn rows. In a minute I am going out to do some more fertilizing. And then one or two more tillings it will be ready.

Well, off I go.

🌽🌽🌽 loves, Felipé.