This Is The Day…

“Women Arriving at the Tomb” by He Qi.

“This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad.” That might be from Psalms but from the Bible anyway, close enough. Yea, here we are having moved through Lent. Hope we learned something in all that. It looks like I saved my whole Lenten effort up until Good Friday and the pilgrimage. Cramming last minute, hey Felipé.

Lately I am so thankful for my Christian faith, for it’s ability to build and maintain resilience in me. I seem to be able to walk my cancer walk without spending time in the dark regions of dispare. I can see it from where I am and sometimes I brush up against it but the ability to remain positive in all s3ituations seems my strong suit. And Easter is the crown jewel of the Church year in terms of the theme of positivity. Here we are!

So wishing you a big Happy Easter! My Rebecca and I are going to catch some lunch and then take a sunday drive. Nothing serious. A walk at 1600. Easter loves, Felipé.

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