Saying Thank You

My Rebecca at her reading recently.

We just had a terrific weekend. I was not feeling my greatest but other things made up for that. That’s where our family and friends come in. They sort of fill in the blanks and the thin spots in life with their love and consideration. I just want to take a few breaths to say thanks for that. So thank you My Rebecca and my family and all those that keep in touch with us. It is irreplaceable really this commodity, this community. We can’t supply it for ourselves or buy it anywhere.

So, it is Monday and need to get back in the swing of things like work and bills and such. Oh, there is our resident woodpecker back at his work on our power pole. I did contact our power company to have them check out the soundness of the pole since the woodpeckers find it so interesting lately. But I think some of it is pecking for communication with friends, cousins and possible mates. This one guy has figured out how to peck on the steel cable that runs to the ground for support. He has discovered the electric woodpecker guitar and what a sound! I hope the babes are impressed.

Walking in a minute here at the Phil’s Camino trail. Had a nice walk yesterday with our new friend Jane coming to keep me company. That was sunny and this morning there are layers of those marine clouds to give us that Pacific Northwest ambience.

Well, one more Happy Easter to you where you are. I appreciate you stopping by to kee me company. Thank you loves, Felipé.

2 thoughts on “Saying Thank You”

  1. Happy Easter to you and yours. Family is amazing aren’t they. Just spent wonderful few days with my brother. He’s helped me plant my garden. It’s astonishingly warm here. Must go out and water soon. It’s been great to see him, also great to be quiet again…

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