Thinking Of The Weekend

The lighthouse on Point Robinson, Vashon Island, WA. Stormy sky and flag at half mast. By Kevin O’Rorke.


It was a action packed weekend with Annie and the gang.  We talked about that.  And we talked some about the Q and A that we did.  It all went pretty wonderfully.  There was some wear and tear but nothing a few days of recovery can’t cure.

So, part of the audience there at the church hall was made up of a cancer support group that was meeting there at the same time and came over.  And while the questions that Annie and I fielded were, as memory serves me right,  all about pilgrimage and the Camino, nothing much came up about cancer and that whole world.  Somehow now I am thinking that I could have guided the conversation more towards that.  But maybe I will do it now as some of those folks might be coming to the blog as a result of the talk.

I don’t know if I have anything particularly new to say but there are some basic ideas that I could review.   This is all beyond and/or in conjunction with your treatment.   One, from Dr Zucker’s teaching, exercise can be used as a form of medicine.  Movement strengthens the body and that gives the ability to do more.  It builds on itself.  Movement actually cuts down on fatigue which seems counterintuitive. I have found that exercise outside in a peaceful environment brings added benefit.

The ability to cut back and limit fearfulness is something to be pursued.  Fear and worry are huge wastes of energy.  Any amount of that that one can save can be plowed back into health and that grows on itself and pays off.

Beware of isolation.  Be open as possible about your condition.  Meet with others who have similar problems and are positive about it.  Stay away from all forms of negativity.  You have little time to waste on that.

Dwell in the bigger picture.  Dwell in the Spirit.  There is peace, energy, hope, nimbleness and joy there.  You deserve all that, every bit.  You can learn to live in this musical.

Be with family and friends who know how to support you.  Community is a form of medicine, thank you Erica de America.  Practice buoying each other up.  Everyone is playing injured, they need you, you need them.

Have a purpose.  That could take many forms I suppose and would be as unique as you are unique.  You are the only you that ever was or ever will be, give it to people and expect it from them.

Learn to spend as much time in the moment as possible.  Trust and don’t worry too much about the next step.  Concentrate and celebrate the step you are on.  You are the beautiful flower that is growing up out of the crack in the concrete, be there!

Love, Felipe.




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