A Tuesday At 8:05

The horses are back.
Blossoming cherry tree over the tapas table.


Hey here we are with another day.  How are things there?  Was thinking about yesterday’s post and wanted to add to it.  We were talking of facets of wellness during the cancer journey.

I think that was all a description of a zone.  It was a place to be that gives meaning and a sense of possibility.  I like to be there as much as possible but can’t always.  It is a way to think about a goal or a way, a camino I suppose.

It is a place away from the doctor’s numbers and the hospital’s rules and regulations.  It is a different sort of healing.  I am grateful for my doctors and nurses and the hospital, don’t get me wrong, but it is not the complete answer to the situation.  To be able to operate and think in such a way that one has less fear, worry and general wear and tear must be a positive in placing the cancer in it’s proper place.  It is in the big picture only so important remember.

My cancer in my body appears persistent but lazy.  It likes me and doesn’t seem anxious to leave but at the same time it seems to be like a plant growing on a bad patch of soil.  It is sort of maintaining or existing and stunted.   I am not giving it the proper conditions to thrive.  Well, yes.  Thinking of my father-in-law who taught me an important lesson, if you can’t stop something bad from happening then learn to control it.  OK, yes exactly.

Sometimes, I say to people that God is keeping me alive for His own reasons.  That would be another way to say all this but maybe a short answer.  All these aspects of the situation that we have talked about are maybe the long answer to the same question.

OK, off we go to the wood shop.  Making progress loves, Felipe.


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