The Yellow Arrow Cafe


Here is a quote from my Camino buddy Angela in Sydney, Australia: “That’s awesome that you have friends doing the camino. I always find it so hard to talk to people about the camino over here because no one really gets it. it feels like such a long time ago!! I hope I get a chance to do it again some day!”

I can relate to that, we all can. But there is another side to the coin. A friend of Annie’s, sorry I don’t have her name close at hand, walked the Camino and recently opened a business called “The Yellow Arrow Cafe”. Yea, isn’t that a thing of beauty. It is right next door to the theater in Breckenridge, CO. Sounds like a great location. They are going to do a fund raiser for “Phil’s Camino” in conjunction with the theater soon.

What am I getting at? Well, I think it is all our duties to blow on the embers of “the Way” and keep it going no matter where we are. Even if it is just in our own hearts without any help around. This is a thing of great significance and beauty that we have touched and that has touched us. Yours, Felipe.

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  1. Amigo Felipe!
    I don’t know how on earth both of us could have a Camino Amiga named Angela from Sydney, Australia. I walked with “my Angela” for many weeks in the summer of 2013. A woman of deep and visible faith who could walk around the world if you just provided enough of the “perfect cuppa tea” for her. And if, in fact, “your Angela” is the same as “My Angela” then the Holy Spirit is a spirit with a great sense of humor playing with us mere mortals as he does and weaving connections so intricate and far reaching. I Love this Stuff!


    1. My Angela was a beer drinker! I think Sydney must be full of lovely Angela’s. Might be worth a fact finding mission someday.

  2. Aloha Phil,

    This is Gwen from Yellow Arrow Coffee in Breckenridge, CO. Was happy to find this post today. Am elbows and knees deep in organizing the fundraiser for June 6-7. Your story has obviously inspired me and also found myself opening this coffee shop because of the camino so I had to find a way to give back. Hopefully we can connect sometime soon.


    1. Beautiful Gwen, I don’t know you but I know you. Thanks so much for all the Camino energy. Thanks for working on the fundraiser. We got a movement going my dear. We will meet soon I am sure. Loving your stuff, Felipe.

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