Bucky the fish sitting in lounge chair watched Cancer Tretment Center the reality show.
Bucky the fish sitting in lounge chair watched Cancer Tretment Center the reality show.



The holiday has come and gone and it seems that somehow we all have accomplished a collective deep breath for the first time since the election. Don’t you think? I seemed like that happened and what a good thing.

Thursday morning we had a walk and Catherine y Dana showed up to participate. And you them they are always doing there best to be ambassadors of joy. They brought a batch of pumpkin muffins that they just made and a humming bird feeder for our kitchen window. We have a little pool going as to how long it will take to have them find it. Catherine said two weeks and I said a month.

These are Anna’s hummingbirds that winter over in the Northwest. A special thing really. I did a report on them a year ago or two years ago because there was some hanging around outside my hospital window. I will search and see what I learn. And will keep you up to date on the pool. When will they find us?

There is a big salt water fish tank in the waiting room here at the Treatment Center. One of the fish was lounging in big orange shell which was looking like a underwater wingback chair. Was he watching TV? Were we the show? Cancer Treatment Center the reality show, that’s us!

Off to lunch in a minute so I am going to wrap this up. The Apple Cup is being played right now. This is the big rivalry football game between the U of Washington and Washington State. Maybe I can figure out how to get the local radio station on this Ipad. I’m working it.

Talk to you soon, as always love you, Felipe.

2 thoughts on “Somehow”

  1. is that about how long it takes birds to find a feeder (a month)? We have hummingbirds at the window, too, and they’re all set because we have this crazy tropical plant with red flowers that we love. But a while ago I saw some finches hanging out in the purple potato bush, so I set up a feeder of finch food. But they seem more interested in the loquat tree across the street. Should we empty the feeder and wait until later, once the loquats have fallen? I need some advice here from the Wild Kingdom of the North,

    1. Catalina ~ Wild Kingdom here. Finches are fickle feathered friends firstly. Maybe move the feeder around a bit, maybe they like to dine in the shade or in the sun. Or change the menu. Try one of those socks with thistle seed. They are crazy about that setup here. Yup, Felipé.x

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