Pilgrimage, everyday, all the time.
Pilgrimage, everyday, all the time.

plural noun: buoys
an anchored float serving as a navigation mark, to show reefs or other hazards, or for mooring.
synonyms: float, marker; More
bell buoy, nun buoy, sonobuoy
“a mooring buoy”
3rd person present: buoys
keep (someone or something) afloat.
“I let the water buoy up my weight”
cause to become cheerful or confident.
“the party was buoyed by an election victory”
synonyms: cheer, cheer up, hearten, rally, invigorate, uplift, lift, encourage, stimulate, inspirit; More
informalpep up, perk up, buck up
“the party was buoyed by an election victory”
antonyms: depress
cause (a price) to rise to or remain at a high level.
“the price is buoyed up by investors”
mark with a buoy.
“a buoyed channel”

Middle English: probably from Middle Dutch boye, boeie, from a Germanic base meaning ‘signal.’

I was thinking about the verb form of this word. This is what we do for each other as we walk. It fits perfectly. Felipe.x

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  1. Well that post came up in an interesting way. Hmmmm. Well, always buoyed by your thoughts. Hope the day has some buoys out on the Pyrenese weekend. Stay warm, dana

    1. Dana ~ I know you had a good excuse for not walking with us today. Good luck with your projects. Felipe.x

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