Since The Veranda

The Bureau Chiefs meeting, August ‘19. Left to right: William, Felipé, Cris, Rho and Farmer John.

Five weeks is not a lot of time. But something new has appeared since our spectacular get together. There has been a shift in our style and our sharing. It is subtle but noticeable now and Farmer John pointed to it in his comment today.

The blog is less Felipé’s blog these days as other talents start to participate and express themselves and their viewpoint. I don’t mind this and welcome it. It has been my intention to have this happen for a long time now. And somehow it just sort of evolved as of late.

It is sort of a shift of gears. And it’s affects will become more apparent as time goes on. We have developed trust in each other and we have begun to work together in a new way. This is all very exciting. Ultimately who knows where this is going to take us but it can’t be a bad thing.

Off I go. A beautiful morning walk coming up. We are then on a drive down to Olympia to pick up a new wood stove. Have a dinner invite this evening after all the work is done.

very exciting loves, Felipé.

2 thoughts on “Since The Veranda”

  1. Dear Boss,

    The comments section of the blog these days is such a joy… In a world where we promote the building of walks, bridges are burnt and we are always looking for one more lock we can put in our doors, to be able to express our viewpoints, to TRUST each other and to work TOGETHER, is just… wow… We should be taken to the United Nations to talk about this new old-fashioned concept of: COMMUNITY… (united for the common good)…

    Happy for fulfilling the boss intentions Love,

    1. Cris ~ you are the heartbeat of this whole operation. You are Spring when we have Fall. Alperfect, Felipé.x

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