Catalina’s class at the occasion of our video conference.

A soggy morn on which to get together with you. The wood fire is going and there is strong brew in the Mr Coffee so it is time to blog. Hope that you are all doing well here at the tail end of November.

Last evening I finished up a stack of written reflections that came from Catalina’s graduate class on Art and Pilgrimage. We had a great video conference last week that lasted over an hour. So the students wrote up some thoughts about our conversation. Well, I was deeply moved by what I read in these papers.

Perhaps I can get permission to share a little of it with you. Maybe a sentence or a paragraph from each one would be enlightening. We are the ones searching for insight remember. I will check with Catalina to see if we can do that maybe for tomorrow or soon.

When I say reflections I am really meaning it. They went all out after seeing Phil’s Camino and conversing with me to give a historic view of what we do here. And a clearer view of what we do here. They were connecting a lot of dots to give us a picture.

Yup, I am happy that this all came about. Let’s try and pursue it further and see where it leads us. You’re a peach, love, Felipe.

2 thoughts on “Reflections”

  1. Caminodots, that is another word for “our” dictionary…
    Maybe you can do a map? And pin where the people who walked or connected with Phil’s Camino in any way are from and then connect the pins with a thread? That would be interesting to see.. we are all connected…

    Love going to Vashon Island! Would love to be there on Friday!
    Blessings too!

    1. Cris ~ yes, all the connections are interesting. These reflections are interesting also. I hope that I get to share some of it. Oh, good night, my eyes are closing. Felipe.x

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