Phil’s Camino @ The Vashon Theater!

We will be ready for you.

We have a date and a time. This showing will be December 1st at 6PM right there in the heart of downtown Vashon. I know it is First Friday Art Walk evening. There should be plenty of folks up in town for all that.

I will have to tell you early on that the show has a twenty five dollar price tag. It’s a fund raiser and it is all going to complete the hour long version of Phil’s Camino which is very close to completion but we have bills to pay. You will be a part of this effort to get our message out by supporting us with your presence.

If there is someone that you think will benefit from being with us, bring them. Everyone that is, has or is about to start with a battle with cancer will get a lot out of seeing Phil’s Camino. We will be available after the showing in a Q and A session. You will love this. You will laugh and cry, I do.

Annie O’Neil, the director/producer, will be flying in to be with us. My Rebecca will be on hand to keep my story straight. And of course I plan on being there. We will have DVD’s, Annie’s book and T-shirts, patches and Phil’s Camino maps available for sale.

If you have been reading this blog you know me and the film and the trail. You know My Rebecca and Annie. You know that the sun shines on us and the rain falls on us but we keep going. It would be great if you could come and be with us and support us. Thanks, love, Felipe.

4 thoughts on “Phil’s Camino @ The Vashon Theater!”

  1. I love you, Phil. And I love Annie and Rebecca. Wish I was going to be there in person but my spirit will be with you. Maybe I’ll find Father Tom and we will raise a glass in your honor that day. Through the rain and the sun we keep going and we keep loving.
    Safety third, maybe love is first now. Fun and Shenangans second.

    1. Esther ~ yes, raise a glass. Hope every little thing is well with you. Hello to Daniel and Happy Thanksgiving. Felipe.x

  2. First time I have ever read a promotional announcement that somehow sounds like an invitation to a personal party. So perfect, Felipe. Hope we can find a way to be in both places (Kate’s gallery opening and the theater) at once. (I will call on SJ for that one.) Thanks again pilgrim – Dana an dI will do our part to get the word out – let’s fill the house.. SRO.

    1. Catherine ~ good to hear from you. Missed you at Mass Sunday. I sat with Tom and Rosemary (?). Sorry but I am spacing on her name. Anyway, get back safely. Hello to everyone there. Felipe.x

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