October 1926

Exciting little crocuses!


October 1926, that’s when the first addition of Winnie the Poo came out.  That’s getting really  close to a hundred years and My Rebecca was horrified that I have never read it.  Well, most people don’t really read it, other people, bigger people, read it to them.  Either way I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.  So she took it into her own hands and started reading it to me last night.  Yea, the first story about Poo trying to get at the honey in the top of the tree by holding onto a balloon and look like a little black cloud.

I really like the illustrations in this edition.  I’ve always been fascinated by pics that are simple  and hand done.  It is nice to see things that we ourselves can say, “Oh, maybe I could do that?”.   The drawings in Winnie the Poo have that quality for me.

OK Felipe, is that what we are going to talk about today?   Well, that’s a good start.  Something else that is good, we have had some good walks here at Phil’s Camino.  We are in that late late winter mode where searching for signs of spring is a major sport.  In the flower world snowdrops are blooming with crocuses and daffodils on the way.  And the Indian Plum bushes and the blackberry brambles  have leaves starting to show.   All very exciting for us starting to peek out of our winter hibernation.

Catherine and Dana came for archery yesterday and we had a good time with that which is sort of a no fail situation.  They just have a ball with it all.  The three of us have been concidering the idea of having some retreats here for archery for women.  Just some events that have that quality of the drawings in Winnie the Poo where people could say, yea I could do that.   Just an idea that is hatching.

OK, it is time to go and make a splash on the day.  Send a comment when you can.  Waiting to see some of the spring birds, spring love, Felipe.




7 thoughts on “October 1926”

  1. got a good chuckle out of your first lines.
    when she’s done reading it to you, Walt did a great job on the original movie, which I have, tho it is on video, but you should see sometime. Its priceless.

  2. I’m glad you have discovered Winnie the Pooh. There are a lot of little wisdom’s in those characters, simple wisdoms really, which are the best kind of course. There is one little book called Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day. It would have been perfect for today!

    1. Connie ~ good morning, let me answer both your comments with one. Yes, more Winnie, I will check it out. I love the story and the illustrations in this edition of the first book. And I will email you with more info about visiting here. Yes, please come. Felipe.x

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